living room revamp

November 26, 2011

Well, hello.
I took an unintentional blog break this past week.
We were out of town for the week of Thanksgiving
and I planned on blogging my normal days
but I had limited access to a computer and I forgot blog photos.
So prepare for post overload - I'm over the fall season
and ready to start talking about Christmas!! :)

We've lived in our home for a little over 2 years now
and I've always been unhappy with our living room.
Its a nice size, much bigger than our last townhouse,
but an awkward shape.
And I could never figure out how to arrange our furniture.
I have tried every possible way and have come to the conclusion
that I'll just have to be happy with the current arrangement.
But a couple of months ago I decided I could change a few small pieces
of furniture and get the living room I really wanted
(which is warm & cozy without being too crowded).

The first item on the agenda was the tv stand.
We had a ghetto tv on a ghetto tv stand
(like from wal-mart or kmart, mkay).
It did pretty well for awhile
(and was actually a step up from the CHAIR
we had the tv on when we first got married...)
but over the years and with 2 hoodlums as children
it started to get VERY wobbly
(especially since the tv it held
was a 2 ton box rather than a sleek flat screen ;) ).
So a couple of months ago my mom was at an estate sale
and bought a tv stand for 10 bucks.
She sent me a photo and I thought it just might work for us
so I asked if I could buy it from her.

So here is our setup before...Seriously gross.
I can't believe I lived with this for so long.

And here is the after...
I painted it an off white,
distressed it a bit,
and put on new knobs.
I'm quite obsessed with mercury glass
(and have been since I was a little girl)
and found these beautiful knobs at Anthropologie.
It's sooo nice having everything packed away
inside the cabinet and out of sight.
And the lighter color really helps to brighten the room.
We still have the ghetto tv on it but hey, it works.
And that's our current requirement.
When it stops working we'll venture into the flat screen world
with the rest of the people in the 21st century. ;)
Which speaking of, did you hear about that crazy Black Friday sale
Best Buy had going?
A 42" Sharp flat screen tv for $200!
Yeah, my hubby totally went at midnight
(they started selling the tv's at 10)
but they were sold out. We took it as a sign. :)

Next on my list was a short & shallow bookshelf for right here...
{You'll have to forgive my blurry & not great photos...
most were taken when I was still trying to figure out my new camera :) }

I really wanted a place to put another lamp
and this wall just needed something.
So I started looking on craigslist and under "bookshelves"
found a 2-piece hutch lookin' thing for $30.
I thought with just a few modifications,
I could use the top part as my bookshelf and the bottom
by our front door - 2 pieces of furniture for 30 bucks, not bad!
Turns out,
that actually worked out perfectly.
{And of course I forgot to get a before photo...
see chest below for original paint color}My dad sawed off the bottom for me so it would sit flat on the floor
and I painted it the same off white as the tv stand
and distressed it a bit as well.
Then I filled it with knick-knacks from around my house.
- I had the lamp - bought a new shade
- Bought the little blue owl for 50% off at Hobby Lobby :)
- Had the frame, spray painted it gray with paint I already had
- Had the basket, filled it with all our remotes
- Had the books and pumpkin
- And had the brown metal basket, which is used for toys.
Now that I moved it to the living room its where we toss all the toys
that migrate there and once its full we unload it in the playroom.I have to say, I LOVE the warmth
this small piece of furniture adds to our living room.

And finally...
my favorite piece...

We had an old (like handed down 3 times) end table
next to our couch
that has gone from a yellowy oak color to black and then to white.
{photo taken 2009}
The glass has broken once already and was replaced
with a much thinner piece and I was constantly terrified of it breaking
and slicing my children (okay, child...the youngest child...the wildest child)
to death as it was always being climbed on and under.
Plus, Jett would push and slide it all over our hardwood floors
and knock the lamp off.
Not an awesome set up.
So I pitched the table {aka. sold on craigslist}
and started contemplating what to paint this little beauty...I loved the way my off white pieces lightened the room,
but I was ready to make a commitment to color.
I have always wanted a fun entry piece painted a bold color,
and now was my chance to make that happen.
I had this picture from Pottery Barn saved in my home ideas stash
and found that I also kept gravitating towards the color
Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy used on some of her living room furniture.
Which is called Mermaid Net by Behr and it = love for me.
I spent a little money on a new lamp...
It's mercury glass as well.
I saw it in Target's new holiday catalog and had to have it.
I moved the mirror down a tad,
picked up a super cute frame for half off at Hobby Lobby,
and added my candle warmer and some fall decor.
Something else I was super stoked about with this new piece of furniture
...extra storage!
That's 3 new drawers of whateverness that I want to put in there!
Which ended up being diaper changing gear in the top drawer
and hats & gloves in the bottom two. :)

I honestly love my living room now
and it only cost me $40 for 3 pieces of furniture,
2 quarts of paint,
a lamp and a frame.
It finally feels like a grownup room and it's so nice to say goodbye
to the poor-college-student look. ;)
Seriously, that tv stand??
I looked at that for SIX YEARS??
It's amazing what motherhood blinds you to...
stains on the belly of all your prego shirts,
crumbs covering the floor of your minivan,
and dirty faced children in your shopping cart.
I mean, these are things I've noticed about OTHER moms... ;)


jeanna said...

looks so good!!!

Jami Nato said...

your living room is so great.

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