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November 8, 2011

When I'm pregnant, I wear a bikini.
I realize this is offensive to some, but I could do a lot worse. ;)
I've worn a 2 piece bathing suit since I was six.
My mom could never find a one piece to fit my long torso.
I realize I could do the mom "tankini",
but that's just not my thing.
So prepare your hearts {and eyes} for what you're about to see.
{These photos will be me at 23 weeks}

When we first got to the resort in Cancun
and were putting on our suits to head out to the beach,
I asked my husband if he was ready for me to "unleash the beast".
If he regretted saying yes,
he covered it well with a good-natured laugh & a "wow". :)Our first afternoon/evening in Cancun.
My sister likes to stand next to me when I look like this.
It makes her feel cool.
Me & Jeffrey.
I like this one cause you can see him in the distance.
The water was cold...for me.
This was pretty funny.
On the first day of laying on the beach,
I realized that I would not be able to lay on my stomach
to tan my back, so I was going to go home very uneven. :)
Then my husband came up with the brilliant idea of digging a hole
in the sand for my belly, which is exactly what we did. :)
And everyone thought it was hilarious watching me prep the sand
every time I was going to lay on my stomach.
Jeff coming to lay on the sand with me.
Even though he had the choice of laying on the loungers. :)Me 'n Cass strikin' a pose.
No idea what's going on in the background here...
And here's Jeffrey interrupting my mom and sister's
very over-the-top modeling/photo session. :)
Sigh. Our last day.
Here's the bump last week - 24 weeks.

I realize that I'm huge for being only a little over halfway.
So far I've had 2 people tell me I look ready to have this baby.
Um, what?
Yeah, that's when I tell them I have about 15 weeks to go.
I'm ASSUMING it's because this is my fourth pregnancy.
And PRAYING there's only one baby in there. ;)
Seriously, we would totally know by now.
This is a necklace I've been carrying around
in my keepsake jewelry box since I was a little girl.
It was my mom's in the 70's or 80's and I used to wear it
cause I thought it was so cool.
It opens up and you can put little notes inside. :)
The chain broke at some point so I just kept it put away.
Then I started seeing vintage style necklaces like this on etsy & ruche
and remembered this little gem.
I put a new chain on it and shortened it and now I love it!

I'm 25 weeks now
and will try to get a current bump photo up today.
We'll see. It's been pretty crummy lighting around these parts.

So you know how people say "be careful what you wish for"?
Well, all I wanted when pregnant with Jemma was to feel her move.
When I got pregnant with this baby,
I tried to keep my anxiety in check but it was difficult.
I needed the constant reassurance that she was still with me.
Well, once I started feeling her move...she has. not. stopped.
She is SO busy and literally rocks my entire body
with her kicks, flips and rolls.
She could possibly be even more active than the boys were.
Possibly. ;)
But anytime I'm like "ok, time to chill out, mama needs some rest"
I have to stop and smile too, cause I know that God is giving me
what I needed and asked for.
A healthy, active baby and the reassurance that she hasn't left me.


Jami Nato said...

ok the background of that pic is amazing...i mean, are they doing that on purpose?? anyway, you look amazing and i hate you. hahaha.

Alaythea said...

You look amazing! I think it's totally great to rock a bikini when you are pregnant, IF you are as cute and fit as you are!

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