paradise...when there's not a hurricane

November 3, 2011

I promised friends lots of photos from this crazy trip of ours
and you all get to endure them as well. :)

My little brother & sister-in-law decided to get married at the
Dreams Resort in Cancun.
So Sunday morning we had a direct flight out of Kansas City.
Here we are on the shuttle to the resort.
My family took up the whole thing.
I think I've mentioned this before but I have a huge family.
4 of us are married {now} and 3 of us have kids.
7 1/2 grandkids total.
Everyone but the grandkids went on the trip. Glorious.
So here's our room.
It was beautiful.
The resort was all inclusive
and Jeff and I had never been to one before (other than a cruise).
There were 4 restaurants & bars everywhere.
It was so weird to eat and drink and then get up and leave.
Even the mini fridge was stocked with beer, water & soda
and was totally free - crazy!
So we pretty much stuffed ourselves by eating every 2 hours or so
{which is probably why my baby bump doubled in size in a week}
and while everyone else was taking tequila shots
I was enjoying my virgin Tango Mango's. :)

And heeeeeere is our view...
We looked out over the dolphin lagoon.
Again, crazy.
We could hear them talking & clicking all night.
Well, Jeff did anyway...
I crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow as usual. :)
But that was a glorious thing to wake up to.
Even though my view of dolphins in captivity is now marred
by the documentary The Cove.
Around the resort...
Colby & Angie were so excited when everyone arrived
and greeted each group in the lobby with a pina colada. :)

How cute is my brother?
And yes, he got the awesome tanning genes.
All he does is THINK about the sun and he has a golden tan.
And retains it all year. Jerk.
We all have green eyes but he has the prettiest.
They're practically lime green.

More sightseeing...
The first night (I think?) there was a fire show.
It started out kind of lame
but then they started doing some really amazing tricks!
So here's where the wedding was to take place...
Beautiful right?
All dressed up for the rehearsal.
They match. :)
Angie's my kind of girl. :)

Soon after we arrived in Cancun,
we started learning about a hurricane headed our way.
Hurricane Rina to be exact.
So it was crazy windy the entire time
{which will be illustrated by my hair in every photo}
and the water was super rough.
So no deep sea fishing for the guys.

When the day of the wedding rolled around
torrential downpours were in the forecast
and this is what the wedding sight looked liked...
Not good.
The wedding itself was a bit of a disaster but we all
{including the bride} managed to laugh about it
and the "I do's" were said and that's all that matters. :)
More wedding photos to come.

After cake & champagne toasts,
my mom & dad, youngest brother & sister,
older brother Corey & his wife and Jeff & I,
hopped on another shuttle and headed to catch our ferry to Isla Mujeras.

The resort was beautiful and it was really fun staying at an all inclusive
with my entire family but I don't think anything can compare to Isla.

We stayed in my parents' timeshare,
my brother & his wife and Jeff & I in one suite,
my parents & little brother & sister in the other.
They were super nice with a kitchen, living room, balcony,
2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

And once again, here was our view...
I think I like Mexico. :)

Here was our beach...
This was hilarious.
I was taking this picture of Jeff, you know, to make his coworkers jealous,
and this Mexican news crew started filming him.
He's probably been on the Mexican news somewhere. :)
This was our favorite breakfast spot.
It was delicious, made from scratch, and the cheapest place we ate.
This is the roof of our condo building.
There were all of these private patios up there with their own hot tub.
Sightseeing around the island...

We rented golf carts and bicycles while we were there
and went around the island twice.
That's one of the things I loved the most about Isla,
it is only about 4 miles long and 1/2 mile wide.
The day we rented the bikes we rode about 10 miles,
as a pregnant girl, I was hurtin' pretty bad by the end of that trek. :)
This was kind of like an indoor farmer's market.
It doesn't get much fresher than this.
They were cutting up whole animals in there however
and that was pretty gross. ;)
So I mentioned a hurricane headed our way.
We got so much mixed information from the locals and the
employees at the condo but this is was ended up happening.
No ferries to the island were coming or going.
So we were stuck there.
Most of the condo building was evacuated but we decided to stay.
Most of the shops and restaurants closed here and there,
but the locals are so used to this type of thing,
they would open when it seemed safe.
The hurricane rating went from a 2 to a 3 and then a 1 I think.
By the time it reached us it was just a tropical storm.
It hit about 10 or so at night and I have to say, it was nuts.
The craziest wind and rain I've ever seen
and we have some pretty good storms in the midwest.
We took some time beforehand to prepare with extra water,
food, flashlights & candles.
All of our windows and doors had hurricane shutters
and we lost power during the storm.
We watched it for awhile and then we all drifted off to bed.
When we woke up the next morning the sun was shining. :)
There was still after affects from the storm
so we had wind and rain throughout the duration of our trip
but enjoyed every bit of sunshine we got. :)

Here's Jeff preparing for the storm...
And cleaning up from the storm the next day...
Our suite was higher up in the building than my parents'
and all the windows had been removed from the middle
stairwell area.
So as the wind blew the rain it crept into
our condo from under the door.
We woke up to our own private swimming pool in the entryway. :)
The night life in Isla was so fun.
So much color and light on the main strips.
Tons of restaurants to choose from and all the little shops were open.
When we had the bikes we rode out to South Pointe
where there were glorious cliffs and a cute little shopping district.
Our last meal in paradise.
We had an incredible time even with the hurricane scare
and crazy tropical weather,
I just can't even imagine what it would have been like
with blue skies and sun every day, all day.
I'm so grateful I was with my awesome traveling partner (hubs)
and that everyone on the trip had a good attitude and
made the most of the unusual circumstances.

My husband has been to most of the hot spots in Mexico
{and I've been to quite a few} and we both agree,
Isla Mujeras is our favorite.
We definitely plan on going back!


audrey said...

so jealous! your brother and his wife are going to have the most beautiful the rest of you!

Jami Nato said...

oh my gosh...amaze balls! this looks like so much fun...besides the part where you thought you would die in a storm.

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