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October 11, 2011

I've had a few questions come my way in the last week or so
and thought I'd address them for everyone.


Cutest picture of Jett to date! Are you loving your new camera? Did you get the xTi?

*Um...YEAH! I freaking love my new camera. Especially now that I had a little mini tutoring session with my bestie (yes Allyson, I just called you that - lol!). This "mini tutoring session" could also be described as a crazy 15 minutes of chasing our little ones around a way too busy park while yelling questions to her in insanely windy weather. :) Oh, and my camera is the Canon EOS Rebel XS. Not really sure what all that means except for AWESOMENESS. ;)

Blogger Alaythea said...

I recently started an Etsy shop to try and make a little extra money since we are on a one income budget. So far my Etsy shop hasn't sold ONE item. I had it up for three months back in May then decided to kinda revamp it and my products. But once again I'm not selling anything. How do I market it?? Any helpful tips? Also, I'm a new follower after reading your blog about your awful reader "John"!

*A big way I got my shop and products "out there" was by doing giveaways. Both on my blog as well as others. I'm lucky to have super talented friends with high traffic blogs so I reached out to them and asked them to do giveaways for me. Also, I think its important to offer unique items that no one else (or very few others) offer OR to do the same things but in unique WAYS. For example, there are millions of cute baby onesies on etsy, but most people don't hand paint them.

Blogger Robyn Lee said...

I've just now found your blog (and have had tears streaming down my face!)... Congrats on your baby, and congrats on 50 sales! I've just added your Etsy store to my favorites and KNOW I will be placing an order soon :)

(btw, that hand painted Starbucks cup... Can that go on a tshirt?)

*Yes! All of my onesie designs can be ordered on t-shirts & vice versa!

If there are any more questions out there
just leave me a comment or shoot me an email!
My blog is an open book. ;)


I'm 21 weeks - holla!!
Ok, so I SO don't say that word but my friend Emily does
(and she can get away with it)
but it fits my mood so deal. ;)

Yes, I'm sporting my Elvis lip.
There's just no getting rid of it.
It's only on this side so maybe I should shoot from the other?

And here are my $6 shoes I got on clearance this weekend.
Yep, 6 bucks y'all.They're really simple but I love the color and needed some yellow shoes.
Cause don't we all NEED mustard yellow shoes?? ;)

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allyson said...

love the yellow shoes!! and why, YES....we all need a pair of yellow shoes for sure!! this is one of many reasons why we get along so well, i'm certain. =) let's have another chaotic tutorial session soon. you can tutor me on some fall wreath making.

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