October 6, 2011

Today my inbox was flooded with a bunch of new comments on old posts.
I didn't know what the deal was
- my inbox is never "flooded" with comments :) -
until a new reader sent me an email saying she saw my link
on the just.lovely.things facebook page.
Heather at {just.lovely.things} had the sweetest things to say
about a difficult post I wrote a few months ago.
She linked up to that post
and readers have been writing me really encouraging notes.
And it got me thinking...
Anytime I have something non-surface to say on this blog
I usually question myself before writing it.
But after writing 2 very difficult posts in March
and seeing the response I got and the encouragement I got to GIVE,
I know this is a place where God wants me to share my heart.
Recently I was at a women's event and the speaker was talking about
how the internet, facebook and blog world
can be really dangerous to us women.
And because of that she stays away from blogs & facebook.
And I thought, how sad.
I get some of the best ideas, encouragement,
laughs and kicks-in-the-pants by blog reading.
I absolutely know what she's talking about though.
We have all been guilty of comparing our lives to others,
being envious of what we don't have,
and thinking blogs portray the true reality
of what is really going on behind computer screens.
They don't.
Emily at jones design company wrote a post
about how blogs can be like pornography to women.
I so get that.
It can be addicting.
And give a high.
And make us feel discontent with our own lives.
But I truly believe {now} that blogs
have the power to love, encourage, reach out, and do God's work.
As long as we're using them for good and for His will.So from now on,
I will not be second guessing what is on my heart to write.
God has given me a platform, and even though its a small one
in my own tiny little corner of the world wide web :)
it's one I will not take lightly.
And if I can encourage ONE,
love ONE,
give hope to ONE,
inspire ONE,
be a stepping stone to ONE,
then I have used this blog for good.

My dear friend Jami has used her blog for good.
She talks openly about her husband's past affair and the scars that it left.
And I can't tell you how many people
have been touched by her transparency.
In the blog world & the real world.
She is one of my heroes.
She also shows how not perfect & freaking hilarious their lives are.
And I love her for that.

the sting is still there.
the worst day of my life.

My friend Emily used her blog to raise funds
to bring her adopted daughter home from Ethiopia.
She also opens up about the "hush hush" feelings related to post adoption,
the things no one talks about,
and you can read how many people she touched with her honesty.
She too is using her blog for good.

adoption & love
more on that love thing.

Jeanna is always writing about God revealing areas
in her life that need refinement.
She always sees room for improvement in herself
and I love that - we are a work in progress that will never be completed.
These too are good things.

if delight, if love were my first response...

I like to look at pretty blogs.
We all do.
But blogs can be more than just a pretty face.
They can uplift, encourage & connect us.
I want to have one of those blogs.I am humbled that I might have given encouragement
to a mother who has lost a baby.
I am humbled that someone thought my response
to a negative reader was full of grace.
I am humbled that people read about my life.
I am humbled that God might possibly think me and this little blog of mine
is worth using to further His Kingdom.

I promise to make it pretty
and I promise to make it real.

{photos are from my walk with Jett today}


Laura said...

I also found your blog through just lovely things and I'm so glad. I have a feeling your blog will be a blessing to me as I continue to read it!

Jami Nato said...

you almost made me cry. thanks for your sweet words.
i love when you write what's on your heart. and i love that you confront things in the blog world that people shy away from. blog on. BLOG ON!

Christine said...

Cutest picture of Jett to date! Are you loving your new camera? Did you get the xTi?

allyson said...

oh my goodness!!! that picture of jett is SOOOO perfect!!! i love it!!

emily anderson said...

great post chelsea. you are such a sweet soul.

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