a fresh kitchen.

October 18, 2011

So I mentioned here that I was itching to redo my kitchen
{yeah, that was MARCH}
and I mentioned last week that I had indeed redone it.
It's not quite finished but a work in progress.
I'd thought I'd share anyway.

Here are the before photos.I mean, it was cute, I guess.
I decorated it in 2005 before Jeff & I got married.
I wanted an "Italian Bistro" look.
When we moved in 2009 I repainted our new kitchen
the same exact color and hung up the same exact decor.
Hearts of Palm
Sherwin Williams

Its kind of a muddled, yellowy green color.
I still totally love the color and will probably use it again someday,
but it had been 6 years, I needed a fresh color.This was kind of our hub-bub for important stuff.
Mail went in the slot to the left, pens in the little holder,
receipts in one of the drawers (the only one that ever got labeled) :)
and bible verses on the cork boards.

I got the idea from Pottery Barn
and started collecting the black wood pieces from Hobby Lobby
when they went 50% off.
Okay, so mine wasn't nearly as cute
but whatever.

I pretty much had no budget for this "redo",
and my poor husband...
I announce that I'm changing things way too often for him,
I fear his heart can't take it.
But hopefully he's learned by now that I will most likely
only buy a gallon of paint to redecorate a room
- & sometimes not even that!

So the first thing I did was take everything off the walls,
with no intention of putting ANY of it back up.
I had some inspiration with my new towels and
then I settled on a new color - wood smoke gray.
Wood Smoke

Which, if you know me, you know I'm pretty much obsessed with gray
and am almost always wearing at least 1 thing in the gray family.
I can't believe it took me this long to use it in my house!

I was especially pleased with how this gray turned out on my walls
{I'm very particular about my grays - it can't be too warm or too cool}
and what's funny is when I was looking for a paint sample for this post
I found a blogger who dedicated a whole post to this exact color
cause she loved it so much! :)

So here are the after photos.My friend was getting rid of the white Ikea shelves
and asked if I wanted them.
We had trouble getting them hinged properly in the walls
so we added the black brackets.
I like how they make them a little less modern. :)
My friend also gave me this ADORABLE spoon easel from Anthro
for my birthday.
I had seen it there a few months before and fell in love. :)
The chalkboard platter was a Christmas present
from my sweet friend Jami.
She even has a tutorial on how to make them!
I brought the lamp up from my craftroom.
Almost everything I put on the shelves I already had in my house!
I just started pulling out mugs, glasses, pitchers, etc.
Anything I thought would look cute.
I had this framed silhouette in my craftroom as well
and decided I needed the yellow pop in my kitchen more. :)
{Emily's tutorial}
And I picked up the little fern at Michaels on clearance
for a little more green on the shelves.
Ahh...and my beloved cow.
I have no idea why I love this creamer so much but I do. :)
The shelves are on the main wall and
then I hung these white plates where the "hub-bub" used to be.
As you can see,
I need to add to my collection.
I picked up the 2 smaller plates at an antique shop for super cheap.
That's my requirement for this wall.
All white and cheap. ;)
This is one of the "unfinished" aspects of the kitchen.
I realize this is not an original idea.
I've seen it on many a blog
{including the post about this paint color & the nesting place},
and my friend has a really cute wall of mutli-colored plates!

The other unfinished area in my kitchen is the lack of chairs.
We had pretty much outgrown our table,
and it was a glass table top which was miserable
to try to keep clean with a toddler & baby.
So it was small, round, and GLASS.
Not super family friendly.
I really wanted a black, wooden, rectangular table
with leaves so we could make it bigger when needed.
not too long after we painted my sister-in-law asked if I wanted
their black, wooden, rectangular table
with leaves - lol!The top was actually stained brown while the rest of the table was black
but that was an easy enough fix, ahem, for my husband. ;)
Thank honey! :)
He did a couple of coats and he wanted to put a finish on it,
and I told him not to worry about it.
Since March we have added our own "distressing"
and I have to say, I am loving it more and more!It might get too bad at some point
and we'll need to add another coat of black paint,
but for now, I absolutely love it - its so me!

So now I'm searching for black wooden chairs.
For now, we're using {what used to be}
our really nice padded seat folding chairs.
But after 6 months of children using them daily,
they are now just plain disgusting.
Hence the reason they are not in the photo. ;)

We used to have those really terrible plastic vertical blinds
for our back door, that came with the townhouse.
And I say really terrible because ours were disgusting
and the boys broke at least one a day.
There was no way I was going to go to the trouble of buying
a new set and hanging them.
So I found this upholstery fabric at Joann's on sale
and fell in love.
White & gray with birds - perfecto. ;)
I made 2 flat panels.
And by that I mean I hemmed the 4 edges. :)
And then used these super cute {& cheap!} clips to hang them
on a curtain rod I already had!
I had never paid much attention to hanging curtains this way
until I saw Jami's desk post and loved the idea!
The curtains are a thousand times better than the blinds.
They open & close so easily on the rod
and I can just toss the panels in the wash if {WHEN} they get dirty!

I love how fresh and clean {& dare I say...a little country??}
my kitchen feels now.
And I love that its a "hand-me-down" redo.
My favorite kind. :)


emily said...

it turned out SO SO SO good! i love all of it!

Heather B said...

So cute Chelsea. You have the eye for deorating on a budget.I really like the color scheme

audrey said...

so freakin' cute. you've got a gift!

Jami Nato said...

magical!!! i love everything about your kitchen!

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