50 sales!

September 27, 2011

My little etsy shop
reached 50 sales this week!

so I know that's not a lot,
considering most shops reach that in their first month
{not their first year... ;) }
but that's okay - I'm excited!
And a lot of my sales go directly from shop to hand
thanks to all of my sweet friends! :)

And believe me,
the amount of orders I receive are plenty for me and my lifestyle!

Thank you to all of my loyal customers out there!! :)


Christine said...

Congrats Chelsea! That is a great milestone marker for SKC. Your one of kind items are adorbs (quoting the Mrs. half of the Nato clan).

Alaythea said...

I recently started an Etsy shop to try and make a little extra money since we are on a one income budget. So far my Etsy shop hasn't sold ONE item. I had it up for three months back in May then decided to kinda revamp it and my products. But once again I'm not selling anything. How do I market it?? Any helpful tips? Also, I'm a new follower after reading your blog about your awful reader "John"!

Robyn Lee said...

I've just now found your blog (and have had tears streaming down my face!)... Congrats on your baby, and congrats on 50 sales! I've just added your Etsy store to my favorites and KNOW I will be placing an order soon :)

(btw, that hand painted Starbucks cup... Can that go on a tshirt?)

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