17 weeks.

September 13, 2011

I'm 17 weeks.
This is the week we lost Jemma, but didn't know it.
It's weird to already be at this point again, with another.
But its also really healing.
I've had to keep my fear in check today.
I know how it likes to control and ruin lives.
My first thought when my eyes popped open this morning was,
"what if I have some weird disorder
that makes my babies die at 17 weeks??"
Stupid, I know.
And I told myself that.
My next thought was,
"If my God is with me, whom then shall I fear? Whom then shall I fear?"
No one.
No thing.
No matter what happens, He'll never leave me.
My baby's kicking away as I type this.
Reassuring me he/she is still with me as well.
They know what their mama needs today. :)

In other news,
we took off Jaymin's training wheels this weekend.
He's been ABLE for quite some time,
but he had to battle his fear as well and trust that he could do it.
Now, look at him. :)

Yesterday he fell and split his chin open while riding.
Oh well.
Sometimes you fall.
But you gotta get back up.
I'm proud to say it hasn't phased him one bit. :)


Allyson C. said...

I need to see you soon. And give that baby bump a rub. =) Love you.

katieharris said...

I don't think I told you this yet, but I've been meaning to for quite awhile....big CONGRATS on your pregnancy! I can't wait for you to welcome a healthy, happy baby!!

Jami Nato said...

you look so cute. glad to hear that God's all over your brain this week.

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