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August 24, 2011

I know I don't typically write about bodily functions on this blog
(this is my quiet, pretty place away from the things I deal with in reality ;)
but I just really felt the need to share a
homeopathic success we've had for little Jettisizzle.

Around the time he started eating solid foods
he started having cycles of really bad diaper rash,
which is pretty uncommon for a cloth diapered baby.
But his dirty diapers were so acidic and frequent
that it was easy to see why he would get
such bad rashes - and we're talking open sores people.

A couple of months ago it was so bad and I was completely at wits end
I was SURE he had some digestive problem or allergy
and I was convinced if I took him to a medical doctor
he would be diagnosed and then we could treat the problem.

Let me just back up for a second and tell you exactly how bad it was...

Jett has been known as a little pig since he started eating food.
Always hungry, always stealing food,
and always shoveling it in his face so quickly
there was no way he was chewing...and his diapers proved it.
Every. Single. Diaper. Was poopy.
And not only that, his food had not even been digested.
And as I mentioned before, most of them would be highly acidic.
So with acidic poop constantly on his soft baby skin
he would get a HORRENDOUS diaper rash,
resulting in open sores that could not be treated
with plain old diaper rash cream.
Oh. And the SCREAMS this boy would exude during diaper changes
were heart wrenching.

So here is how we finally fixed this poor baby's problem
- with the help of my father, a holistic chiropractor and
my mother-in-law, a nurse extraordinaire specializing in pediatric nursing.
Can you say "blessed". Yeah, we are. :)

Now we didn't figure all of this out at once.
Everything has been trial and error
but we finally found the combination that worked.

The first thing we did was put Jett on a "diet".
I know what you're thinking, "a one year old on a DIET?"
Don't call SRS - that's just what we jokingly call it.
We really just started monitoring his intake.
When a baby is hungry I always thought you just feed him.
That must mean he's growing right?
Well, now we know, baby boy was hungry all the time
because his food was going straight through him.
But we thought, monitor his food and maybe he won't poop so much.
His stomach is only roughly the size of my fist
so I started figuring out how much to give him
and when that was gone, he was done. No more.

To heal his horrible diaper rash we would give him oatmeal baths.
Aveeno sells little packets of finely ground oatmeal
and all you do is dump it in the bathtub. No mess.
We would wash him really well, drain the tub,
fill it again until just his bum was covered and add the oatmeal.
I have been amazed at the healing value of this stuff.
Then we would try to give him some time to "dry out" before diapering him.
And the last time his rash was so bad,
I had disposable diapers left over from camping so I broke down
and used those so we could use Desitin to get him healed up.
The only unnatural treatment we have used.

There seemed to be a problem with his digestion
so I started putting a probiotic in his milk every morning.
Most have heard of probiotics by now
but my family has been taking them before they were "mainstream". :)
Seriously, we're always the weirdos doing stuff before everyone else is.
Like, when we were the weird kids cause we weren't vaccinated.
And my brother & sister were the weird kids at school
cause they brought their water & lunches
in glass containers instead of plastic.
And we were the weirdos taking probiotics
"WHAT? You're PUTTING bacteria in your body??" :)
I digress, if you haven't heard of them,
probiotics are just healthy bacteria that you already have in your "gut".
We always take them to boost our immune system
when we feel a virus coming on.
You would be amazed at how much of your body's health
is linked to the gut.
Now, I almost took this morning bottle of milk out of Jett's diet as well.
I have been wary of it for some time but just haven't made the transition.
I give him organic whole milk but would much rather give him raw.
My parents only drink raw milk
and I believe it to contain much more nutritionally value
than the pasteurized, processed, hormone infused junk
they sell us at the grocery story, organic or not.
But that's another topic for another day.
If you can't wait, look up The Untold Story of Milk.

The final step in the long and grueling process
was the one thing I NEVER thought would work.
This was the last thing my dad told me to do.
I was near tears. I was threatening a doctor's visit.
Jeff had had enough and was forcing me to make an appointment.
The one thing that convinced me to listen to my dad
and try his suggestion was he kept saying
"look at the boy, he's not unhealthy, he's putting on weight, he's growing. Try this first."

Apparently, we have a valve, a sphincter
(I know how much you all love that word ;) )
in our digestive system that can be underdeveloped in babies.
Jaymin actually had an underdeveloped valve in his esophagus
that caused him to spit up everything I fed him while nursing.
Most people automatically assume babies have acid reflux
but that is not usually the case.
Usually the valve at the top of their esophagus is just underdeveloped.
Anyway, so my dad recommended rubbing this valve...CLOSED.
As in, manually shutting it.
I have always heeded my dad's health advice
because he has 6 extremely healthy children,
we were never sick, he studies health for a CAREER
and for the most part everything he told us to do, worked.
BUT. I have babies now.
And when those babies are in pain,
my faith and common sense go out the window.
I want results NOW, as I clutch him by the collar and
spit comes flying out of my mouth.
Just kidding. I didn't really do that but I wanted to.
Needless to say, I was skeptical, and my husband, even more so.
But the holistic girl inside of me worked her way to the surface and said,
"your father has never led you astray. Never. And I mean that in a lot of different ways. Try this FIRST. If it doesn't work, make a doctor's appointment. But really commit to it."
So I did. And guess what? My son is healed.
I'm not even kidding.

So this is what I do.
After diaper changes, I place my thumb, firmly but not too hard,
on his right hip and rub up to his left shoulder
a couple of inches and repeat.
I do it about 50 times (just cause it gives me a number to count to).
That's what my dad told me to do
and he believed it would encourage that valve to shut
and stay shut rather than just let all his food constantly run through him.
The days Jeff and I are not so good about doing it,
the next day Jett will have more than one poopy diaper.
When we are good about it, he will have ONE.
Which is amazing to us, as we were used to about 7.
I honestly couldn't believe this worked so well
and virtually fixed Jett's problem.
By doing this, my dad thinks
eventually this valve will develop the way it needs to in a few months
and Jett won't have any other issues with it.
I feel bad for doubting my dad
and not trusting him 6 months ago like I should have.

So let's recap.

To fix the PROBLEM:
- We monitor his intake
- We rub his intestinal valve
(no idea what the actual medical term for this is)
shut about 4 times a day
- We give him one probiotic a day

To fix the SYMPTOM:
- We give 1 to 2 oatmeal baths a day
- If forced, we use a medicated diaper rash cream (even though I hate to)

I am happy to report that Jett no longer hoards food.
I mean, he still loves it and will try to steal it if you have something good. :)
But when I give him a plate of food when he finishes it he says "down".
He's done and ready to get down from his high chair.
And sometimes he doesn't even finish what I give him.
And I don't force him to eat it.
Like I said, he generally has one poopy diaper a day.
And hasn't had diaper rash since we started massaging his tummy.
Yet again, I am amazed at the human body and how just a few simple steps
can have such a drastic effect - no medication necessary.

And look how happy he is. :)


Chelsea said...

Wow, I feel like we've led such similar lives! Ben spit up everything he ate (and I do mean EVERYTHING). We went through 40 bibs every day and a half to two days. It was crazy. Then came the open sore diaper rashes that left him screaming in tears through every diaper change, the poop in EVERY diaper and the awful face rash which Adalyn has started getting this week. We're talking the lower half of his face was just open sores and bleeding for months and months on end. It was horrendous.

We switched to a natural doctor but no one could ever give us an answer, only that he would grow out of it. Luckily he did at around 18 months, but it was a long, painful and sad process. I'd much rather be more proactive with Addie if she also begins having the intestinal issues (so far it's just the awful eczema and has to be food related as she just started eating last week and suddenly has this eczema flare-up). Anyway, just felt like I was reading my story when I read that blog post. I may definitely seek all this advice if we're going down the same road with Addie! :) Glad you got it figured out with Jett!

Chelsea said...

Chelsea, is Addie still breastfeeding?? Try breast milk on her eczema. Breast milk heals all kinds of skin ailments!

Craftaholic said...

Chelsea, thanks for posting this. Grant was a spitter too. I'm going to try this out on him. We have at least 3 poopy diapers a day and at least once a week it seems like the food is coming right back out whole. So gross but you know exactly what I mean. Diaper rash continues to be a problem but not to poor Jett's extreme thank goodness. Once again thanks so much for some awesome advice. We'll be starting a new routine with the next diaper change!

jeanna said...

none of my kiddos have the food goes right through them thing unless i give them juice, AND all of them drink kefir and get plenty of probiotics, but NONE of them could use cloth diapers. if wetness at all touches any of their skin or scent of any kind for that matter, they all get horrible diaper rash. it was so frustrating to me b/c i really wanted to do cloth...huggies unscented or parent's choice from walmart are the only ones we can or could ever for us. but yeah for you that you all found a solution!!! that is amazing.

Emily said...

Wow!! You are one determined Mama and an inspiration to us all to keep searching and finding the best solution to our childrens's issues. Sometimes we as a society run too fast to the doctor for a quick fix when in reality if we took the time, as you do, to really search and try something not so mainstream we can make the problem much more manageable. Thank you for giving us out here a little push in the right direction!

Jami Nato said...

awesome! do you know lila is going to see him and get adjusted for her hearing stuff? he's so sweet.

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