I may have a broken nose...

August 12, 2011

Two posts in one week!
I'm on a roll! :)
And I've even done a lil' craftin',
what'd'ya know?

My girlfriend told me about a friend of hers that has recently had a baby and she needed a gift for her. She told me that this friend's husband is OBSESSED with the weather
(which sounded an awful lot like this person as well as my own hubby...)
so we thought a weather set would be "adorbs". :)
I hope you agree.It's not in my shop yet cause I'm feeling just plain lazy.
I mean, come on, I've blogged twice this week AND completed a gift set.
I don't want to throw off my nap schedule too much now do I?

On another note...
I am having a harder and harder time disciplining this little nymph.
Every time I look at him I laugh.
He makes the funniest faces I've ever seen and his teeth crack me up.

This might actually help though...That and he threw Jaymin's Captain America shield at the bridge of my nose
while I was trying to get him to smile for a photo.
That ended the photo shoot real quick.


Jennifer said...

I love this set!!!! Especially the chevron! You are super talented...so impressed.
Love, jenn

Jami Nato said...

that set is the cutest.

and ya, good luck disciplining that little nugget. so cute.

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