I guess its time to share...

August 8, 2011

...why I'm such a horrible blogger.
What you're looking at there...
is baby #4.
And what you're reading here...
is a rare blog post from a very tired mama.

Naptime is usually my blog time.
But recently, naptime has been my naptime.
And it has been quite awesome.

Sometimes when I feel guilty for napping every day, I remind myself that this body of mine has been sustaining another life for almost 2 1/2 years now with only a 2 month break. Confused? Let's walk down memory lane shall we?
March 2009 - Jettisizzle is conceived
- prego -
December 2009 - Jett is born
- nursing -
November 2010 - Jett is weaned
November 2010 - oh wait, let's conceive another baby that same week, great idea! :)
- prego -
March 2011 - lose Jemma girl
April 2011 - break
May 2011 - break
June 2011 - prego

Sweetness. I'm a life sustaining machine. Ha. Hardly. It's taken its toll on me for sure. Just call me Exhausted McGrumpy Pants like my husband does. And by the time this little love arrives, and its sucked the life out of me (aka. nursing) it will have been 3 1/2 years or more of sustaining life. Maybe I should make it a profession. Ha. That was a joke.

This pregnancy has not been all pickles and ice cream either.
About 6 weeks in, we thought we might be losing this little bugger as well. I had JUST gone to the midwife for my first appointment and 2 days later started cramping and bleeding. I lost it and called my husband crying, SURE that I was miscarrying. I bled with Jett early on too (no cramping though) but you could say emotions are running just a TEENSY bit higher this time around. I had a sono and baby was a little too young for a heartbeat but we could see a mass of blood next to it. All we could do was wait for a week, take it easy, no heavy lifting, etc. and then see if baby's heart was beating. Thank the Lord Jesus it was. That's the above photo. You can see baby and the big dark mass to the right is blood. They said baby was fine and all we could do was wait. And that's what we've done. Well, that, and pray, and think lots of positive thoughts. I've had another sono since (baby's heartbeat couldn't be picked up with the doppler) and I was astonished at this babe's activity. Bouncing around my uterus like a bouncehouse, wiggling its arms and legs, arching it's back and playing with the umbilical cord. So stinkin' cute.
And, most importantly, a strong heartbeat.
BUT, I started losing the blood mass.
At some point my body had to break it down or reabsorb it.
I got the fun one.
So now I get to be pregnant AND have the heaviest period of my life.
It's a really weird experience.
TMI? Probably.
But you should know by now I am not shy when it comes to details. :)

I completely believe the human body is God's ultimate masterpiece
and one of the things God created our bodies to do is REMEMBER.
Which is AH-mazing during childbirth
when your body does everything its supposed to do without your help at all.
Not so glorious though, when you're pregnant
for the second, no third, no FOURTH (that's weird to say) time
and your baby is the size of a kumquat and you can longer fit in your jeans.
It's like your uterus/belly muscles are saying,
"Oh, wait, what? Oh. Ok. We're doing this again? Ok! Heeeeere we go!"

Sweet Jemma Marie still hangs around my neck {in a good way}
while I contemplate new names for a baby that will most likely be another BOY. Lol.
Oh God, you jokester you. ;)

I'm 12 weeks now
and supposedly your energy returns in the 2nd trimester
so hopefully I'll be visiting this neck of the woods more often
but I can make no promises.
But really, I'm going to try.
For real.

{Have I mentioned God is good?
God is SO good...


Bekah said...

wow that is one crazy ride, but you are on it for a reason! Congratulations on this new miracle!

jeanna said...

so so happy for you. you rest all you want, momma! you deserve it!

Judy @ In His Grip said...

I have been thinking about you and it is good to know that all is well. Continued prayers your way for the health of the "kumquat" :o)

Jen Weigel said...

OK I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes- i am sooo very happy for you and your family!

Rene' said...

Congrats! Such sweet news :)
God is very Good! Blessings to you and your family!

audrey said...

mazzle mazzle! i'll be praying for you and your chicken little...yay for second trimesters!!

KayJackson said...

Praise the Lord and Congratulations! How exciting. Will be praying for you and yours!

SaraBethJ said...

I am overjoyed for you and your little family! What a blessing! AND I am impressed you are still blogging!

amy said...

congrats!!!!! i am so happy for you! praying for you!!! god is definitely good. :)

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