I am a horrible camera embracer.

August 18, 2011

in a year, literally.
I'll be straight up.
I don't like being photographed.
And I especially don't like being the one TAKING the photo.
Of myself.
Maybe someday when this little beauty is mine
I'll be able to do better "arm shots".
Until then,
I shall rely on my ever-so-talented photog friends
for beauts like this...{Seriously, all my friends are amazing photographers!}
This one is courtesy of miss Lizz.
Me 'n Jay, chillin' at home. :)

If you were a sneaky little devil
and saw my earlier post today keep your lips sealed!
That post will be REposted early next week! :)


Jami Nato said...

you are toats gorge. why do you hate being photographed, silly?

Anonymous said...

How lucky are you to have photog friends! My poor husband has to deal with me and my orders! I'm also getting practice with the remote.

staci said...

love this picture! so natural and beautiful! :)

Our Family of Four said...

That is such a great picture!!

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