best of summer 2011

September 1, 2011

Today is September 1st.
And I don't care what the weather man
or the calendar says.
To me, today is the last day of summer & the first day of fall.
Even though I'm sure we will continue to have
triple digit temperatures
here in Kansas for the rest of the month.

Summer is always hard for me to say goodbye to,
so reviewing the season in photos gives me some closure. :)
I don't have a ton to share this year, we were busy,
but my camera was not.
Jett - livin' it up at the lake.
Jaymin - rockin' it at the pool.
Self explanatory. ;)
My uncle's pond in the country {I heart Kansas}.
Jett...being himself day, no tan yet.
Daddy catching fireflies.

And, my favorite thing that happened this summer...


Janet Field said...

Sweetness. Especially that last pic.

Jodi said...

These are all such great pictures. What kind of camera were these taken with (other than the adorable sonograms of your little one)?

Jami Nato said...

very cute. love them all.

by the way, my word verification is colick. hope that's not predicting this next baby's temperament. ha.

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