back in the game

August 30, 2011

I have been on a bit of a party planning hiatus
...against my will...
After this big bash
I did need a bit of a break but after a week or so
I was ready to get back in the game!
Thankfully, an event that I had stuck a pin in
and {quite honestly} forgotten to pursue
came back to life once some details were worked out.

My little {baby} getting married.
I never thought I'd see the day.
This boy is definitely a catch, but wasn't so keen on being married...
quite yet.
But this past March, he took the plunge,
wrote a POEM!!,
got down on one knee,
and asked his girlfriend of NINE YEARS
(that's as long as Jeff & I have been together!!)
to marry him.
My little guy is growing up. Tear. ;)
Seriously guys, I used to feed him baby food,
monitor him during baths,
and force him to play house & dress up.
We had the kind of relationship where we DESPISED
one another until I left for college, literally.
The classic story of the little brother annoying the big sister incessantly.
Once I was out of the house, things started to change between us,
and we actually started to like each other.
Now, I can't tell you how much this kid means to me.
And how fiercely protective I am of him.{photo by: The Rye Studio}
Now, the girl he's marrying is freaking adorable
and she fits right in with our crazy clan.
I've been calling her my sister-in-law
for probably the last 5 years even though it wasn't official. ;)

all that being said,
I, along with my 2 other sisters-in-law and my sweet sister Cass,
have the honor of throwing the bride-to-be a bridal shower.
And I'm having so much. Stinking. Fun. :)

We decided on a "love story" theme
and the word of the day is "romance".
The color scheme is Chartreuse {deliciousness}, cream & chocolate.
I found out AFTER the invites were sent that her favorite color is green.
Score!! :)

Here are the invitations,
just cause I can't contain myself any longer. :)
I found this incredible font called "Western Princess"
on a free font site my mom shared with me
and I can't get enough of it.
My sisters-in law officially hate me at this point
cause the 4 of us spent over 2 hours putting these things together,
and that's with me prepping AND we didn't even finish!!

The paper fans are made out of music paper and are actually easy to make...
when you're not using old brittle paper.
The brown flowers were cut out with some kind of template my mom had
and then just layered.
And yes, I hand rolled 35 mini rosettes for these bad boys.
And no, I don't regret it. ;)
I figured out how to print addresses on envelopes with my printer.
I DIE, as Rachel Zoe would say.
Never again shall I hand address {with my scraggly handwriting} envelopes.
Oh yeah...
and we wax sealed the envelopes...
I'm telling you, my sisters-in-law now hate me. ;)
We wax sealed my wedding invitations but used
layers of embossing powder.
This time I went legit and used real wax.
It was actually really fun & easy!
I highly recommend it. ;)

We did have a major party foul though.
A week or so after mailing the invitations
I found out the recipients were charged a 20 cent postage fee!
Ugh, there is nothing tackier.
Hopefully we can redeem ourselves with a beautiful shower. :)
Stay tuned...


Judy @ In His Grip said...

Oh my heck, Chelsea these are so cute. I bet Angie just loved them. I cannot wait to see what you do for the party when the invites are to die for. Hope your sister-in-laws will still be talking to you :o)

Jami Nato said...

these are amazing!! and i have never ever heard of recipients being charged more to get their mail! LOL

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