birthday surprises

July 2, 2011

I had a great birthday.
I honestly was not prepared for that.
But as you can imagine,
was pleasantly surprised. :)

Thursday night
Jeff & went to a free concert downtown with some friends
so the boys spent the night at my parents'.
Jeff got up Friday morning (my birthday)
and went to work...apparently.
I got up and met my mom, little brother & sister & the boys
at Starbucks for a little birthday kickoff.{Jettisizzle chillin' with his OWN drink - taken with my phone}
I was enjoying my iced coffee and vanilla scones
when my hubby walked in!
I thought he was just joining us for coffee
but he actually had taken off the whole day to be with me.
Then he gave me my birthday gift.Which was hanging around Jaymin's neck & tucked in his shirt. :)
{If you can't tell, I love it. :) }
After that we took the boys to the park
and Target to kill some time while my mom got some stuff done.
Then I took Jeff shopping.
I cut him loose after he "helped" me in Forever21.
He went to Borders while I scanned the rest of the mall.
{shopping without children = best birthday gift ever}
We came home to change & clean up,
then headed downtown for dinner on the plaza.
Where, I will admit, we spent WAY too much money on dinner.
Seriously, $9 for a non-alcoholic fruity beverage?
It was delicious but never again.
We brought the day to a close snuggled on our couch
with a netflix movie.

Throughout the day I got the sweetest calls & texts messages
from family & friends and even some very thoughtful surprise gifts. :)

So I thought my little wish list
was going to go to waste.
Well, the little planner that my hubby is
ordered my Vintage Pearl necklace about 4 weeks ago.
2 weeks before our transmission went out...yessssss. :)

My last year in my 20's is off to a great start. :)


Jami Nato said...

Glad you had auch a good deserve it!

jeanna said...

so happy you got the jemma necklace. love it!

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