Now its official.

July 18, 2011

Yes, I know its Monday.
And yes I'm blogging.
I was too excited to share these photos
from this weekend's 30th birthday bash
for none other than THE
Emily Anderson.
Now you finally know what these invites were for. :)
I had a blast working with the hilarious Jami Nato on this project and we only went SLIGHTLY over budget...I think.
Thanks to Mr. Anderson for footin' the bill and
letting us crazy crafters have pretty much free reign.

We were going for a summery anthropologie inspired look
and used mostly orange & green.

Fabric deliciousness for the par-tay.
Mr. Nato sliced logs for cupcake platters and table decor.
Jami's mom catered ALL the food, including her famous strawberry cupcakes.
She made all of Emily's favorite dishes.
Jami made chocolate cupcakes and I frosted them and sprinkled dirt on top.
Okay, fine, ground up chocolate bars.
And Jami made all of those teeny little flags.
So this is how Jami's parents' house looks all the time.
So far, every girl has gotten married in their backyard
and each time they add a new element.
We thought the ivy covered porch would be perfect
for the dinner table.
I made the fabric banners out of the orange floral and the cream writing fabric.
We seriously found every single one of those random chairs
in Jami's parents' house.
So half the "flowers" in the flower arrangements are weeds.
No joke.
I bought a few yellow flowers and then the orange spray roses.
Which I love and think look SO organic and wild. :)
The dance floor.
Which was not used as much as I thought or wanted it to be.
I was ready to "get my dance on" but knew like none of the songs being played.
I will say however, that when I requested "Dynamite",
the dance floor was the fullest it was all night. Ha. :)
Go here for more ridiculous dance photos.
The party favors!
Giant homemade chocolate chip cookies in brown parchment bags.
With a custom made sticker, OF COURSE. :)

Did I mention it was a thousand degrees?
Ahhh, gotta love summer birthdays.
We rocked it though, sweat 'n all.
And half the party ended up in the pool.
Some by choice, some not so much.

Happy Birthday Emily!
Hope we made it a good one. :)


jeanna said...

it was so beautiful! you did an amazing job. will i see u again b4 we go back on weds?

Craftaholic said...

O-M-G Chelsea, amazing.

Jami Nato said...

was so much fun part planning with you. from now on i will just hire you to plan any future parties.

i calculated today and we only went over budget like $50. basically because of all the damn alcohol. hahahaha.

elizabeth said...

lovely party... happy bday emily!

Bekah said...

SUCH an awesome party!!

MnM said...

Beautiful party!

Great job ladies!

Emily Kate said...

Cutest party ever, seriously, no for real!

Judy @ In His Grip said...

Holy cow, Chelsea, this is awesome. You guys went all out and looks like a party I would love to attend.

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