a worthless wish list

June 28, 2011

My birthday is coming up.
Its later on this week.
So I put together a little wish list
just to steer my husband in the right direction. :)

Last week my car broke down.
The transmission to be more specific.
Which is pretty much the most
expensive thing you can repair on a vehicle.
$3100 to be exact.
{correction: $3500...just got the bill}

So my birthday plans...?
Out the window.
But I couldn't quite part with what I think
is a beautiful little birthday collection.
So I decided to share it with you. :)
And I reserve the right to be jealous
if you show up with any of these items. ;)

{click the image for the link}

I adore Jane Austen & I adore these movies.
It's time to add them to my collection.
Especially since Netflix doesn't have them as "watch instantly".
And the grand finale...
Something that I feel will forever be on my list...
And will only continue to get further out of reach...
We are studying the "Sermon on the Mount"
at church and this Sunday's message
was about letting God's light shine through you.
I made a promise on our little connect cards.
"I will let God's light shine through me by:"
having a good attitude when nothing is going my way
and by trusting God to provide.

Cause He always does.


Little Momma said...

have you seen pride and prejudice bbc A&E version with colin firth??? blows that skinny (so unrealistic for the time period)elizabeth version out of the water! happy early b-day!

Jami Nato said...

do you need my phone?

happy birthday young lady!

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