penelope the peanut

June 24, 2011

Most of you have probably heard about the arrival
of this little peanut.
I finally got a chance to meet her last week
and brought her {ok, her mama} some goodies. :)
Here's a new "happy camper" tee
I made for Jett for the camping weekend.
Remember that photo link I promised?
I've got it right HERE.
You'll be missing out BIG time
if you don't check out these crazy photos. :)
Please ignore the HUGE photo
of me with no makeup and my major elvis lip showing.
Not cute.
(Just to clarify, the photographer is amazing,
camping just doesn't look good on me. ;) )

1 comment:

Jami Nato said...

i LOVE all of this. love love love.

also, are you done reading bringing up boys? i need to borrow it.

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