Kind of a weird post, but just go with it.

June 14, 2011

So, I put together a little scrapbook for Jemma.
I had all these little things from her life that I was afraid I was going to lose.
And the blue medical filing folder just wasn't cuttin' it.
And not only that,
but I was ready to close this chapter.
Both literally & figuratively.

I've mentioned before how therapeutic
it has been for me to write about her
and putting together this book was as well.
I cried here & there while cutting & gluing
but they were cleansing tears
releasing me in a way from the chains of grief.

I love having it now.
And look at it often.
I feel good about where I'm at in my journey
and even better about where she's at in hers. :)

It's very simple.
I wanted to make the memory of her special
but I didn't want to go overboard
with the scrapbooking craziness.

I obviously didn't have much to include
but I feel as though I did her short life justice
& made it a little more tangible.
A feeling that I have been so afraid of losing.
(Did that REALLY happen to me?
Was I REALLY pregnant?
Did I REALLY have a baby girl?)
This confirms it, whenever I doubt. :)

Her first photos - 8 weeks & 10 weeks
Her famous prints.
Which, I might add, are pinned up on the bulletin board
in my sister's bible class.
They were discussing abortion when I lost her.
My sister asked for a copy
to show how human they really are at this stage.
Looks like her little life may already be making an impact
on someone else's.
Let's hope...
Her hospital bracelet that would've fit around her entire body. :)
The pile of cards we received
overflowing with love & encouragement.

I also have one of the only maternity photos taken of me
and her last sonogram photos in there as well.
Both seemed a little too private to share for some reason.
I know. I'm weird.
But so is grief.
Just go with it. ;)


Craftaholic said...

Chelsea you are an amazing woman.

Melissa Rodgers said...

I love it Chels. It's so sweet and not weird at all. Thanks for sharing this. Love ya honey, Mom

Lisa said...

What a precious book! Your sweet Jemma will always be remmebered. And you are not weird. Making a scrapbook about Thomas was very healing for me, and there are a few pictures that I haven't shared with many people.


rachel said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it's beautiful.

Christine said...

Very sweet Chelsea. Something you will forever treasure. I would love to see it in person :)

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