father's day...white trash style

June 21, 2011

I agreed to go camping
for father's day this past weekend.
I know.
I'm a saint right? ;)

After all the stress of packing,
and not forgetting something crucial to our survival
we get to the campsite and start settling in.
And like 5 minutes later
3 beautiful deer start grazing next to us.
Like, RIGHT next to us.
They were like 20 feet away!
I know, I live in Kansas so I see deer all the time,
but never so close!
Here's Jetty thinking they're "doggies". :)
(Have I mentioned his obsession with dogs/animals?
No? Oh jeez, that's a blog post in itself.)
Jaymin chillin' with his cousin Sierra,
notice the pools of sweat.
So, we settle into our little tent for the evening,
AND then it happens...
Hurricane Katrina.
Gale Force Winds.
Blinding lighting from Zeus himself.
Misery in a tent.
4 hours later...
(4 am)
Our beds are soaked,
we're wide awake,
the storm finally quiets...
Jett wakes up.
For the day.
4:30 am we load up and go home.
Get home a little after 5,
sleep until about 8,
head back to the campsite around 10.
And its a beautiful day...
We go to the lake,
play in the baby pool,
drink some cold beer,
and make hot dogs & smores.
And look as white trash as possible...
Night 2.
A repeat of the first night.
This time we pile into Jeff's parent's 5th wheel
with no shame.

So we survived.
Our first camping trip.
With both children.
In a tent.
Even though we didn't sleep in it either night.
Oh well.

I'm dying to see the photos my friend Allyson took.
She said they were hilarious.
Lots of WT-ness going on there.
I'll make sure to share the link when they're up on her blog. :)

Camping alone should have been my husband's
father's day gift but I went the extra mile
and had a new stereo installed in his 1990 Honda Accord
...ohhhh yeaahhh...
cause that's how I roll. ;)
It was an absolute nightmare to orchestrate
being that I had to hijack my husband's car from work
for the installation.
It was this whole big surprise and I was so proud of myself
cause I paid for it with money I had worked for (no family money)
...and then my husband reads my text messages...
"what are you having installed?"
and pretty much figures it out.
Yeah, he's freaking nosey.
Anyway, I sorta pulled it off and the important thing
is that he was really excited, right?
Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself. :)
So father's day is over and I did my duty.
Now its my turn... ;)

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Jami Nato said...

um, you left and went back?! LOL. you are too much.

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