childhood is calling...

June 7, 2011

my dad built this treehouse.
It only took him like 7 years
but its pretty much perfection
(cause that's how he does things)
and is a mini version of my parents' house,
specifically their screened in porch/sunroom {aka. gloriousness}.
he finally finished it a couple of weeks ago
and the memory making has already begun...

This is what its all about.
Every grandparent has to have a place like this...
We used to play in the upstairs bedrooms
at my grandma & grandpa's house.
Each room was a different color (blue, red, orange)
and each door locked, including the door at the top of the stairs
and we all had our own set of keys.
We had a BLAST playing "apartments".
And if you were REALLY cool
(like my big brothers who liked to lock me out)
you got to play in the attic. idea what it was like in there.
My grandparents moved to a smaller house when I was a teenager
and I never got to see that dang attic.
We would also go camping with them a lot in their RV.
We'd play cards & eat frozen grapes
and thought it was the best thing ever.

Someday, my kids will reminisce about this treehouse...

For now,
we're just squeezing every drop of fun out of summer.


Craftaholic said...

Saw your mom's pics on facebook. You are so right those kids will make some great memories in that little house. What a great addition to an already fabulous home.

Jami Nato said...

Oh my word...awesomeness.

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