women worthy of admiration

May 5, 2011

I have some really amazing women in my life.
{I've even bragged about some of them here.}

I used to think I could do life on my own.
I had my God.
I had my man.
And soon after, I had my boys.

That's a lot of men in one's life.

But as I got older
{you know, 26, 27... :) }
I realized how much I wanted, no NEEDED, women in my life.
Women my age.
Women that share my faith.
Women that are mothers.
Women that share my same interests.
And know what's really important in life.

Your husband can only relate to you so much.
I mean, he is, after all, a man.
And he's probably not going to get NEARLY
as excited as you are about shopping, party planning or crafting.
And he can only imagine what we experience & endure as women.
Your children can fill areas in your heart
that you never knew were empty.
And bring a tremendous amount of joy to your life.
But let's face it.
These are the people you most often need a break from. :)
And trying to have an intelligent conversation
with a 4-year-old that lasts longer than 3 minutes?
Yeah, not so much.
God can fill all these voids.
But He often does it by bringing special people into our lives.
He created us to need each other.

So, as we are about to celebrate mothers this weekend
I thought I would share about a few women that I truly admire
and that have had an impact on my life & my faith.

Lizz -
I admire her compassion. She has a tremendous gift for reaching out, sharing words of encouragement & love, and popping in with a Starbucks "just because". When someone is in need, she responds without hesitation. I want to be like that.

Jami -
I admire her strength. Oh my is this girl strong. She faced every woman's nightmare when she discovered her husband was having an affair. With a toddler at her side and a newborn in her arms she watched him walk out of their lives. She turned to Jesus for comfort and then, when her husband asked to come home, she let him. Can you believe that? She let him. She showed him the same forgiveness that our heavenly Father shows us every single day. And then, through many tears, she watched as God rebuilt her marriage, brick by brick and made it even stronger than it was before.

Emily -
I admire her obedience. This girl is not even 30, has birthed 4 of her own children, and then, without hesitation said "yes" when God said "I have another child for you to love & care for." She has had to rely on Him for patience through the adoption process and I'm sure, has to rely on Him every single day as she is now raising 5 (soon-to-be 6) children under the age of 7. She is truly doing God's work and is living out His will for her life.

Allyson -
I admire her courage. She has walked through one of the darkest valleys a mother can ever experience and did it with grace and dignity. She not only trusted God as she watched her son slip out of this world and enter the next, she praised Him only days later. Hands raised, face to the sky, praised Him.

Allison -
I admire her passion. Her depth and passion for Jesus Christ surpasses most older people I know. And how could she not possess that kind of zest for Jesus... The odds were stacked against her and she knocked them down. In the midst of "the college experience" she walked away from God and GRACE brought her back to Him. Now a mother of 3, she is about to graduate with a hard-earned and well-deserved college degree.

These are just a few of the women
who touch my life on a daily or weekly basis.

This is what I'm asking for
for Mother's Day...
...with a pink pearl!

Not sure if I'll be getting it though...
Especially since my husband's response when I sent
him reminder emails for the umpteenth time was,
"oh honey..."

What are YOU asking for??


Little Momma said...

U picked so good ones! I concur w every word.

amy said...

such a sweet post! and i hope you get your necklace! i know i am getting a vintage pearl necklace for my mother's day gift! i'm super excited! :)

Jami Nato said...

seriously, i'm too easily emotional for posts like this. you are so sweet. love having you as my friend.

Anonymous said...

ditto on what jami said. ack!! i love you friend.

Jennifer said...

You picked some very special women but don't forget:
Girl, you are quite the mother (woman,wife,daughter,friend,etc....) too! You definitely deserve that necklace!!! Aaaaand I LOVE the flower barrette you made me for my birthday (sorry for deserting you girls that night...) I wore it the very next day and got sooooooooooooo many compliments on it! So thank you for your super thoughtful gift especially since my hair has needed some serious help lately! Happy mother's day to you!
Love, jenn

emily said...

such a sweet post. thanks for that friend...i needed to read it in the midst of my yuck.

can't wait to spend time with you this summer!

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