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May 14, 2011

Blogger was giving me some trouble this week
so I'm posting late - my apologies.

Just wanted to share some quick snapshots from
my sweet friend's shower.

You can't tell with how simple this shower looks
but I pretty much worked my arse off for it.
We had about twice as many people show up
as we had rsvp's for...yeah one of THOSE days. :)
I was still pregnant with Jemma
and moving furniture around, hauling stuff up & down stairs, etc.
I felt bad cause I wasn't the "glowing" happy hostess one should be
once the party started.
Sorry Janc.
But I was pretty much exhausted.
And a little ticked that I didn't get all my decor up in time.

We found out the next day
that we had lost Jemma.
And as I mentioned before, I just knew something was wrong.
So I'll use that as my excuse for my lack of enthusiasm. ;)
Is it weird I'm still talking about this?
For some reason its really therapeutic for me.
Sorry if I'm dragging out the gloom.
Just skip over my pity party and scroll to the bottom. ;)

All of this association
is probably why I've taken so long to post these pics.
Baby steps. :)
But today is a great day to do so!
Because my ever-so-talented photo friend
has taken some B-E-A-Utiful photos of this precious baby girl.
So go check 'em out.


Jami Nato said...

looks soooooooo adorable and sweet. i'm sure you ROCKED it. and ya, rsvp-ing these days doesn't happen. unless it's an evite...which i don't love sending out evites. boo.

amy said...

chelsea, it is not weird at all that you want to talk about losing your child. you have been through every parent's worst nightmare and survived. i miscarried at 9 weeks before noah, which is nothing like what you went through but nonetheless, all i wanted to do was talk about it. verbally processing helped me get through it. please talk, write, blog, pray as much as you need to. :) hang in there friend.

Little Momma said...

sweetie- it is a gift that you make it look simple. you are so talented. and...i ditto what the previous commentor said. i lost a baby at 5 weeks...i had only known about the precious little thing for like 6 days, and i grieved. oh, did i grieve. allow yourself some grace.

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