May 3, 2011

Last Friday was one of those days.
When you wish you could freeze time
and put it in a bottle.
The sun was shining.
Smiles & laughter came easily.
Bubbles floated in the breeze.
The to-do list was forgotten.
My heart was quiet.

I was even too mellow to grab my camera.
So I snapped a few photos with my phone.

There are just these snippets in life.
When you can't help but take a deep breath.
And be thankful.
And wish it would stay like this forever.

Just a quick little update
on our sweet Jemma.
Her genetic & chromosomal testing came back normal.
And all my blood tests were negative.
Which means,
we don't have an answer for her death.
And we have to be okay with that.
We're getting there. :)
I always like what Beth Moore says about
the information we receive from God,
whether about what He tells us or what He has written in His Word:
God is just as deliberate about what He does not reveal
as He is about what He does.
There is a reason for our lack of an answer.
And I trust Him.

In the mean time, just enjoying these snippets... :)


amy said...

i simply love this post and love "those days".

Jami Nato said...

well, i mean, although that is a bummer to not know everything, i think it would give me some peace to know that this probably wouldn't be a possibility of happening again. i think? if it's not genetic. am i wrong to assume that...i don't know. it's still is all overwhelming for me to think about.

i like that word from beth moore too. thanks for sharing. love to you guys...

Little Momma said...


Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing the Beth Moore quote. Praying peace for you, I know it's hard to not have answers.

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