preschool wrap-up

May 19, 2011

Yesterday was Jaymin's preschool graduation.
It was quite a sight I tell ya. And very well done. :)

They got their diplomas,
that they immediately handed over to the assistant
so they would not become weapons
during the course of the rest of the program. :)
They sang their routine "this is the day" song complete with signing,
said pledges to the American flag, Christian flag & Bible.
Sang a special "secret" song with signing
that they had been working on for this day.
And Jaymin even had a line he had to say.
"Lord, thank you for my parents."
Ha, what a good one to have. ;)
Jaymin sitting with his class
{the yellow room}

It was super sweet and totally made me realize how big he is now
but I didn't shed tears like some parents.
He will be returning to preschool next year,
so he's not THAT big yet. :)

It was a little sad though
as we will be moving him to a different school closer to home.
We have LOVED this school & their incredible & loving staff members.

They sent home some progress papers
that were really fun to look through.
This was Jaymin's first year in preschool
so he had no prior training of letters, numbers, writing his name,
or drawing, other than what we had taught him at home.

This is what I found to be the most fascinating...
This is a picture Jaymin drew of his family
a couple months into school...
Notice that he drew a "dog" somewhere in there...
Yeah, we don't have a dog.
He says he has a dog but does not mention the brother he DOES have.
Awesome. ;)
So, yeah very scribbly.

This is how he drew his family this month...
I was amazed at how much we looked like people!
With head, torsos, arms, legs.
And don't worry, Jeff & I did not split up over the course of the year...
daddy was on the back. ;)
Complete with blue sky, yellow sun, and brown dirt.
He has grown so much this year.
But also notice, the missing dog and still no baby brother. ;)

Here is his school picture that I just LOVE.
I thought these were supposed to be really terrible...
MINE always were.
Here are the treats I sent in last week for his summer birthday.
They said no cupcakes
{apparently too messy and yet my child came home almost every day
covered from head to toe in marker ;) }
so I made the same brownie pops I made here and
I stole the tag idea from my friend. :)
This was my mother's day gift from Jay that he made at school.
Coffee filter flowers that they colored
and tied on the end of pens. :)
This is what he's been doing when he's NOT at school...
And I am absolutely amazed at his work.
He makes stuff that I never could in a million years!
Most of his legos make a specific car, helicopter, etc.
So it always amazes me when he puts random
pieces together to make his OWN creation.
He only has a few so legos are definitely on the birthday list this year.

I just can't believe my firstborn
has completed his first year of preschool,
is playing with legos, riding bikes with his friends,
& beating up his younger brother.
I'm a proud mama I tell ya. ;)


Oppie said...

Chelsea- I just love reading your blog and catching up on what is happening in your world. Please know that I love you and think of you all often. I do hope we will see you this summer in NM.

Jami Nato said...

layne brought home his preschool portfolio and i was amazed by his progress as well. they are really growing up. sadness.

layne is obsessed with legos as well. let's get these boys together...

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