a simple day

May 10, 2011

Homemade was this year's theme for
Mother's Day gifts.
Both my moms are big time crafters and
Jeff's mom really loves "gifts from the heart"
so I hope I pleased every body. :)

I made homemade soap & body scrub,
a printed tea towel and flower pin
and tried to do favorite color schemes for each gift.

This first set is brown & green...

...purple & green...

...and blue.
This one is being shipped to my mother-in-law as we speak.

homemade soap:
clear or opaque glycerin
*the ingredient possibilities are endless!*
I made oatmeal honey clove bars & green tea bars.
Just melt glycerin, add ingredients, pour into molds (like yogurt cups) & allow to cool.

homemade body scrub:
epsom salt
olive oil
essential oils
I used peppermint!

My mother's day was spent going to church,
taking a few fun snapshots at the park afterwards...

{so thankful to be the mama of these boys}

...a delicious lunch at my parents house...
{me & my mama}
...and then heading to the plaza for gelato & shopping...

{me & my sis}

...and we even managed to get a halfway decent family photo
in front of the very cliche plaza fountains. ;)
It was a fun day & my guys took good care of me. :)

Oh yeah, I didn't get my necklace but I still have hope!
My birthday is right around the corner. ;)

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!


Jami Nato said...

you are a crafty mcCrafterson. you should sell those sets in your shop. so cute.

Lizz said...

they turned out so nice!!! you didn't tell me you were going to do the towel. LOVE that. hmmmm..... maybe i should bring you some towels =)

Little Momma said...

i covet your craft skills.

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