ties, jellybeans & fits.

April 26, 2011

Our Easter was spent the usual way.
Dressing the boys in clothes you know will be destroyed
in a matter of minutes.
Awesome service & message at church.
Eating amazing food all day.
And laughing {a lot} at the madness we call family gathers.

We began our weekend celebration
with jellybeans from Jaymin's preschool.
Along with meaning for each color.

Some egg coloring...
and some goodies Sunday morning.

I love Jett's face.
He's super stoked about Easter this year. :)

I love this face too.
Can he GET any cuter?
I know this is a random photo below
but I just loved the green grass.
It's very "spring". :)

Here is the whole lot of us.
If you can count, you will see that my parents have seven,
I repeat, SEVEN, grandkids.
And only half of us are married with kids.
They, no joke, asked for a break. :)
So here we are all posed and pretty...
...and this is what we're actually like.
The noise level at our family gathers usually reaches about 150 decibels. :)

And finally,
some pretty decent family photos
taken on a whim after church by
{who else?} miss Allyson. :)

Bye bye Jetty...
Just a little "behind the scenes" info on this photo...
my child was literally headbanging/bucking like a bronco
to get off my lap.
He was a fit throwin' fool on Sunday for some reason.
Its kind of a new thing we get the privilege of witnessing.
I have a hard time taking him seriously though.
Especially when he lays flat on his back on the floor at church
because I won't let him go into the next service that has already started.
Didn't he look like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy?
With his blond whispy hair, chubbiness, and shirt & tie.
That's what we were calling him all day. :)
Lately when we're at my parents' house
my dad just shakes his head and says, "that boy..."
Like, warning me about what lies ahead!
Yes, DAD, I already know!!

Although I have read beautiful quotes
and a lot of amazing scripture in the past few days
proclaiming that Jesus Christ is not only risen, He is Lord,
I find myself without any profound thoughts to share today.
It's like everyone else has taken the words right out of my mouth.
There is much to be said, so much in fact, I just can't say anything at all.
I am so unbelievably humbled to be called "His". That is enough.

Christ is risen.
He is risen indeed.


Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. You have SUCH a beautiful family! ♥

Jami Nato said...

jett looks so much like your dad. it's crazy.

glad ya'll had a fab easter...the craziness of a big family is always entertaining. makes me want lots of babies.

Little Momma said...

i am impressed that jaymin has a real tie on! jesse only has a clip on! such great pics.

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