milk & cookies anyone?

April 19, 2011

Its not really a secret around here that
I LOVE planning parties.
In fact, it's pretty much my dream job.
As long as I could hand pick the hours I worked,
have awesome clients every. single. time.
and a limitless budget. ;)
{See, dream job. As in, I am dreaming.} :)
No, actually, I think having a tight budget forces you to be more creative.
Which is how I've planned all of my own parties.

So, of course I did not say no when my sweet friend
asked me to help her plan the very special celebration
of her little boy's first birthday.

{Read more about WHY this birthday is such a big deal here.}

Here's the milk & cookies spread.
I'm drooling for an afternoon snack just looking at these photos...

A nurse from the hospital where my friend delivered her boys
made the incredible smash cake and cupcakes.
Skim, 1%, or chocolate? What? Is that a stupid question? ;)

One of our other awesome friends made the banner.
It turned out ADORABLE and perfect for the party!
For the party favors
we just trimmed the top of brown paper bags
with a wavy blade.
I made up these simple little stickers
and then we printed them and used a large scallop punch.

And, of course, the birthday boy
had to have a "smart cookie" tee from my shop.
I did however make his shirt a little more vintage looking
by using an off-white tee and a different font.
I really love it!
And so did the birthday boy...
Love this girl and her fam!
Thanks A for letting me project my {often} pent up party planning energy
on this awesome occasion!! :)

{awesome photos courtesy of blink photography
the not-so-awesome ones are of course mine. ;) }

Be sure to pop in on Thursday to see if you won my giveaway! :)


Melissa Rodgers said...

Everything turned out as cute as I would have expected it too!! How fun. Love mom

Craftaholic said...

darling as always Chelsea!

Matthew said...

Wow! What a sweet celebration. Love the colors and treats! Great job! I'm sure you must have blessed their socks off!

Jami Nato said...

um, you are brilliant. this is the cutest!

denise gisele said...

Wow! What a great party idea and so adorable!!! Love it. That birthday was a big deal, they have such a bittersweet story. Beautiful family!

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