kiss me, I'm not irish

March 18, 2011

I am not irish.
In fact, I am a complete racial mutt
which means I'm just plain white - booooorrrring!
I had actually hoped to marry a man of color
so I could have beautiful mixed babies.
Well, God obviously had other plans.
I have a very white husband and very white children.
But no complaints here - I love them the way they are. :)
my kids (okay, Jaymin) love any excuse
for a celebration.
So yesterday we went to Lawrence, KS
to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade with our fam.
It was a GORGEOUS day
and the kids LOVED the parade - so fun!

Last week I had a customer ask for a St. Paddy's day
outfit for her DARLING baby girl.
I wanted to do something different from just a shamrock
and my friend recommended a rainbow.
Perfect! :)
I love the little green skirt.
And I love that she can wear it with a different top
for a different look!
Happy Green Day!
{a day late.}

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Melissa said...

Very sweet Chels! Hugs, Mom

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