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March 1, 2011

I have a ton of jewelry.
Not something I'm really proud of
cause its not like even half of it is cute
and I only wear about half of the other half.
My jewelry drawer was driving me crazy.
I had to take action.Here's a quick sketch to show my dad what I wanted.
(Cause I didn't go to school for interior design or anything...)

Why, hello there unassuming cabinet
hanging in my bedroom.
What could you possibly be holding?...
Ah, yes.
That's much better.
So my design had to be tweaked a bit
due to construction challenges
(and my dad's an even BIGGER perfectionist than I am)
but it's pretty much what I wanted. :)

One of the main issues was finding a cabinet door.
I ended up buying a photo frame half off,
then buying wainscoting that my dad inlaid for me.
He built the frame and added all the do-dads
(important stuff like hinges, metal screen, etc.)
and then I painted the whole thing black.
(Don't be jealous of my awesome photography skills or amazing camera.
Jealousy only leads to bitterness.) ;)

Seriously, sorry about the awful photos.
I thought it was brighter in my room than this.
Should've used a flash I guess.

And the jewelry drawer...
all nice and tidy.
(Cause as much jewelry as I got rid of I still need the drawer.)
And my favorite part of the cabinet.
The knob. :)
Cute right?

Let me know if you want all my awesome 90's jewelry.
Maybe I'll do a blog giveaway. ;)


Jami Nato said...

OMG, that is the cutest.

save that jewelry...your next peanut is a girl...dress up central!

Mae said...

cool! I just use a cork board and push pins to hang my jewelry.

Allyson C. said...

i just had some organizational good juju flow through your blog post to me. i LOVE organizing/purging/etc. last week i bought all new, slimline hangers for my closet and rehung everything and color coordinated. it felt gooood. =)

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