v-day the right way

February 14, 2011

Ok, so there are lots of ways
to celebrate Valentine's Day
but when your husband hates it
and believes it to be a made up holiday
by marketing strategists bent on emptying our wallets
to make sure our loved ones KNOW we love them...
yeah, don't expect roses, chocolates OR cards. :)

But that's fine with me.
I actually agree with the Valentine's Grinch.
He thinks its much more important to tell your loved ones
how you feel every day.
Not just on this "made-up holiday".

So we've started the tradition
of celebrating Valentine's Day with friends
simply because it gives us an excuse to get a sitter,
get dressed up, drink good wine and eat good food.
No romantic expectations.
And we always celebrate the weekend before or after
to avoid the dreaded holiday restaurant rush
so we can enjoy ourselves even more.

La Bodega
downtown has become the favored location.
We even have a favorite booth.
Where we can get VERY loud.
Yeah, its in the kitchen. No joke. :)

I {heart} these people...

And this is the reason you GO to La Bodega.
{Ok, that, AND the amazing tapas, AND the awesome atmosphere.}

Too bad I did not get to indulge
in such deliciousness this year...

Oh, only because of this little bugger...
Yeah. Meet Hatfield Baby #3.
And yes, if you're remembering my son's
as though it were yesterday,
don't worry.
You are not in a time warp.
These 2 are practically going to be twins.
Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little
but I'm trying to not freak out. ;)
We were planning on having a third babe
just didn't plan on it happening
But we're thrilled.
God is good.
He knows what he's doing. :)

This picture was taken at 8 weeks.
I found out I was pregnant the week before.
Yeah, 7 weeks before I had a clue.
Ok, so maybe there were SOME signs
but with my insane month of December I had to ignore them
and live in denial before I could cope with something this big. :)
Imagine me in the doctor's office
getting a sonogram
(cause they had no idea how far along I was
- long story of weaning jett, abnormal cycles, etc.)
and I'm thinking I canNOT be more than 5 weeks
and then I look up and see a very developed
baby bouncing around my uterus
as though its made its little self right at home.
Yeah. Shock and awe.

I'm 14 weeks today.
14 weeks on February 14th - Valentine's Day. :)

Everyone thinks its a girl.
I'm not convinced.
But only 26 more weeks to find out.
(Yep, this one's gonna be a surprise.)

Hope you all had a great day
sharin' the love.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Audrey said...

Congratulations! I so wasn't expecting that bit of good news on your post. :) :)

Yay for new babies!

Danett said...

Conrgats! My son and daughter are 16 months apart and now that they are older, they look like they could be twins. I love it! You will be glad they are so close. By the way -- I love your blog. I am new to it and love reading it!

Jami Nato said...

i was wondering how long you were going to keep this burning secret in your soul!! so excited for you guys...

Mrs. Legris said...

Congrats!! You are indeed very blessed! My hubby and I have to really try to get pregnant and are currently. Send your fertile thoughts our way :)

natasha said...

Congrats on #3!!! So happy for you. My #1 and #2 are 2 years 6 days apart and my #2 and #3 are 2 days shy of 15 months apart. It is fun having them close (most days)! :) Hope you are feeling good so far!!!

emily said...

yah! you can do it---their age difference is perfect, if i do say so myself :)
and i'm so excited that you will be waiting to find out the sex...that's my favorite!

KayJackson said...

Congratulations! My husband and his sister are barely 14 months apart, it's actually quite fun for them. They are still asked to this day if they are twins :)

Allyson C. said...

love it all!! and yes, i agree with em. the age difference is perfect. you will have a blast with your two littlest boys (for now =)) being that close in age.

amy said...

hooray!!!! i am so excited you are preggers again and i obviously think having kids close together is a great idea as well! congrats! so happy for you!

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