Handmade Christmas

February 9, 2011

This post is long overdue
but I wanted to show a few items
that I made for Christmas gifts.
I actually accomplished my goal of hand making
every possible gift this year.
Unfortunately, I got so busy making & giving them
that I didn't get photos of all of them.
I'm still trying to track some down!

Have you ever seen those playhouses that just slide over your card table?
This etsy shop has some really cute ones.
Jaymin has really gotten into pretend lately
(thanks to our neighbor boys & friends who are a little older
and play "spies" with him :) )
so I thought he could use a secret hideout.
This is the inside back wall.
With all kinds of gadgets and do-dads.
The 2 side walls have these round windows.
Both boys like to play in it
but Jaymin always seems to be forcing Jett to either stay IN or stay OUT
until he screams.
I took this with my camera phone on Christmas Eve.
I strung colored-Christmas lights inside for awhile
and it was pretty cool.
Until someone broke a light and Jaymin ended up shocking himself
with the live wire.
So we put them up for a bit. ;)
The cape I wipped out in about a 1/2 an hour on Christmas Eve.
I made it really simple so he could be whatever super hero he felt like that day.
I also had a friend ask me to make her and her daughters matching aprons.
She said she wanted them pink and then let me pick out the fabric.
For the girls I went with a light pink polka dot
with Amy Butler floral print accents
(the floral is on the reverse side of the apron too).
And for their mama I did the floral on the front and light pink polka dot accents.
Here's little Bryten rockin' her apron
and making Valentine's goodies.
When I was making the aprons
- without a pattern I might add, blah -
I kept trying them on Jaymin to make sure I had the proportions right.
He was mortified and kept telling me
"but MOM, I don't LIKE pink!!". :)

This is a little gift I made for myself.
I wore it to our Christmas Eve service. :)
Happy Wednesday!

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Mrs. Legris said...

All very cute! I love seeing the things people make, inspires me to craft more! :)

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