financial blizzard

February 3, 2011

I know I rarely blog about things other than my crafts and my family
but today I'm feeling kind of grumpy and this post fits my mood.
Why am I grumpy you ask?
Oh you know, just the ol' horrible head cold,
{neverending} sick children and {neverending} bitter craptastic weather
with a blizzard on top routine.
Yeah, I live in Kansas.
Which means we get everyone's crap weather coming at us from both directions.
No, I really do love it here,
but I hate the any-exposed-skin-instantly-gets-frostbite weather.
And not being able to leave my house
because of weather and sickness has me very much on edge.
I might survive though cause my husband is going to hold down the fort
tonight while I sneak out to Hobby Lobby.
Did I mention my house is a disaster, I have mountains of laundry,
AND I have to do our budget for February?
Yeah. I do the finances.
You know, I just have a knack for math, I love number crunching,
and Quicken is my favorite computer program.
Yeah, not so much.
I do our finances cause (let's face it)
I am organized and disciplined and my husband is not.
BUT. He contributes as well.
You know, by making all of the money that I manage. ;)
So the other night when I was up all night
because my head felt like it was splitting in two and my nostrils
(which are very important to breathing, especially at night...)
were taking turns collapsing
I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep
and I starting thinking about our debt and trying to calculate the numbers.
Needless to say, I'm terrible at mental math.
Especially at 3am and with a head cold.
So the next morning I couldn't help myself and I got out the trusty calculator.
And I must say...I discovered some very awesome news.
(And just real quick, not to sound "cooler" than you,
cause this is SO not something to be proud of,
but most likely, our debt is significantly larger than most.
Think, medical school loans without a medical school salary,
plus a couple of years of no income and that about sums up our debt history.)
I won't tell you exactly how much longer we have to reach our goal
but I WILL tell you that it is less than HALF of the time I originally thought.
Isn't that amazing??
We have definitely been working diligently at sticking to our budget
and making debt payoff a top priority
but we cannot take all of the credit for what is happening in our lives and in our finances.
We have done our part, and God has shown up.
And is working miracles.
Have you ever done the numbers and wondered
"how are we going to make it this month?"
and then you go back and redo the numbers
and all of a sudden they check out and it works?
Yeah, that happens to us all the time.
Especially when we give to others.
Amazing? I think so.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to moving on with our lives!
Putting our mistakes and hard times in the past, for good,
rather than having them loom over us
every single month in the form of bills.
Don't get me wrong though.
Life is still good.
WE still have it good.
We have a great townhouse that we can afford
and offers plenty of space.
We can pay our bills every month AND buy groceries and gas.
We having loving families and friends
that are always there to support us in whatever way we need
or just lend an ear.
We are rich, people
Very rich.

Speaking of awesome family...
We spent 2 days at my parents' house during the "storm of the century"
(hence the disastrous house and laundry mountains) .
While we were there my mom made (all homemade of course)
pizza, vegetable and beef stew, cinnamon rolls, banana cake, fudge cake, chicken pot pie, and biscuits and gravy.
I think I gained 7 lbs.

Back to entering in receipts
so I can go heat up leftovers and call it "dinner".
I promise to make my next post interesting. ;)

{Jami, did I pass the "real" blogging test? ;) }
{P.S. this girl did.}


Jami Nato said...

love the honesty factor! debt...ugg, we have some left from medical bills and i think about it all the dang time.

Mrs. Legris said...

We are right there with you , but I guarantee we have more debt than you. No credit cards in our house, but we have 3 degrees worth and my husband is currently in medical school adding to our loan debt. He is the $ guy, and does an amazing job in quicken, and I can tell you it is bc of him and God's grace that we survive every month. It's actually nice to hear other people are in similar positions and we aren't alone :)

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