February 25, 2011

One of my friends from high school
(you can call her the cake chick)
asked me to make her little boy a pirate gift set.
I've been wanting to do one for a while
but haven't had a reason.
So, thanks Jessica. :)

I absolutely LOVE this pirate fabric.
I had to search high and low for it but it was totally worth it. :)

In high school
I was president of the fashion club
(still not sure how I managed to pull that off)
and Jessica was my vice president.
Our main "job" was to put together the annual fashion show
(I LIVED for that - lol!)
along with the fashion classes
We had a blast together. :)
I thought this homecoming dance picture
just MIGHT be on my computer somewhere and I was right...
So, here's a little old school (literally - we are getting OLD)
embarrassment for ya Jessica. :)
(Who am I kidding - she was adorable even back then!
Me...not so much.)
Check out that couple making out though.
I was about to crop them out
but thought you all might enjoy seeing it - lol!

Not sure yet if the ol' pirate set will make it to the shop.
I'm not sure if I'm willing to paint that mini mural over and over again! ;)

Have a great weekend!


Allyson C. said...

where was that pirate fabric when i was in the market for a pirate set?? LOVE that!!! that pirate ship is a freaking work of art!! nice work, chels (as usual).

Craftaholic said...

Chels, you are just too sweet! And yes we are getting old I cannot believe you found that picture of us! However I think you are as cute as ever, myself I'm not so sure of these days! The onesie and burp cloths are darling and I cannot thank you enough for the incredible mini mural it's amazing!

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