jettison charles & his first birthday

January 10, 2011

Well, I may be officially "partied-out"
after this crazy December month
but at least two of the men in my life got to celebrate
milestone birthdays in style. ;)
Jett's party had a Dr. Seuss theme.
I know you were all dying to know. ;)
For the centerpieces I stacked up Dr. Suess books
and put a fishbowl on top.
(The hard part was getting rid of the live goldfish at the end of the party) ;)
I ordered these adorable red & white striped straws
for his party but they didn't come in time
so I had to improvise with these not-nearly-as-cute plastic straws.
Jett LOVED his cupcake
...and his party hat...
Ha! Just kidding. Just watch the progression of misery...
This was definitely the popular gift of the day.
My sister-in-law got this for her kids for Christmas
and Jett played with it all of Christmas day
so she thought he needed one of his own.
He likes it.
Jaymin & Jett's great grandma (Granny Lucy)
was able to be with us for the party.
This was even more special because the day of the party (January 1st)
was the first anniversary of her husband's (Grandpa Ed) death.
(He died 4 days after Jett was born.)
It was kind of cool to celebrate one year of life
on that 1st anniversary.
My sweet sister.
She was a gem and an awesome assistant.
She helped me set up the whole party
and it only cost me a $5 bowl of soup from Panera. ;)
Thanks Cass!

Some of my favorite snapshots from the day.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

I'll leave you with this final shot,
taken as we were cleaning up...
Look at that kid's face! Lol!


SaraBethJ said...

I linked to this blog through Emily Anderson (I think!) Just wanted you to know where I came from! I have LOVED each of your party ideas. You are SO creative. I am curious what the blue drink was and if you have a recipe for the cake pops you made as favors. I would love to try making them. Also, did you make your invitations? They turned out great! Nice work mama!

staci said...

so cute! really cool ideas! :)

Heidi Leanne said...

What an adorable party!! Hope you don't mind if I steal a few of these idea's for my little girls 2nd birthday party. :)

Kimber said...

Great ideas, I will be using! Thanks!

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