Don't drink the communion juice.

January 24, 2011

Our church is a baby making factory.
We have new babies arriving weekly it seems.
They usually come in large waves but there is usually little space between those waves.
We even warn newcomers to not drink the water, or coffee...or communion juice...we haven't figured out the culprit yet. :)

I love it though, cause as it turns out,
those sweet little babies are great guinea pigs. ;)
I love making unique gifts for each one and turning my ideas and sketches into reality. Something I probably would never end up doing if I didn't have someone to give the final product to. :)

So here are a couple of recent gifts, and there are many more to come.
I am WAY behind after all of the Christmas madness and of course, most of these mamas decided to have their babes right around or right after the Christmas season.
Thanks for the break guys. ;)
This set was for a fellow sewer having her first baby.
I love vintage everything but especially vintage sewing machines.
I LOVE this fabric and could not wait to use it. :)
I've been dying to do a yellow & gray gift set
and thought an umbrella onesie would be the perfect compliment.

I love this floral yellow & gray print as well
...and it may end up somewhere in my own wardrobe...
These sets are now in my shop!
I know, I needed something new didn't, I?

Like I said, more to come!


Allison said...

that yellow and gray set is ridonculous!! If you come up with something that is adult sized you know i must have it. i am in love.

Jami Nato said...

oh my word, these sets just keep getting cuter and cuter.

Jess Lovelady said...

I agree so cute Chels! Wish you did adult sizes too I love the sewing machine!

Lizz said...

still loving that fabric for my living room =)

you are so talented sweet friend.

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