Happy Halloween! {forest people style}

October 31, 2010

The long awaited {for me anyway} post is here!
Jaymin and Jettison.
Halloween costumes 2010.
No words.
Well, maybe a couple.
Like, hilarious.
Or, ridiculous.
Or maybe even, {as this crazy girl likes to say} REDONK.

We have Jaymin as the valiant
Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
{hey people, he steals from the rich and gives to the poor,
something they should be doing anyway ;) }

And his adorable sidekick
the precious
Woodland Elf
{oh, you don't remember that part of the story?
Hmm... That's probably cause I made it up. ;) }

Happy Halloween ya'll!! :)

"sorry, we're closed"

October 21, 2010

That's the sign I need to hang on my blog.
This time of year I can't focus my brain on anything but getting
halloween costumes done.

What are my kiddos going to be, you ask?
Wouldn't you like to know. ;)
Looks like you'll just have to come back to find out. :)

On a side note...
Have I mentioned these are my favorite fall earrings?
I have to force myself not to wear them everyday.
I mean, I want to be fair to the rest of my earrings.
{...all 7 thousand pairs}

They also remind me of these earrings from Ruche
and that whole site is drool worthy.

Happy Thursday!

Sk8er @ heart

October 12, 2010

I realize that I live in Kansas.
Which is very, very far from any & all oceans.
But I have always fancied myself a bit of a surfer (/skater) girl at heart.
(No, I do not do either one of those,
I said "at heart" people! Does scuba diving count?...)
And I always wanted to marry a surfer/skater BOY.
And I {pretty much} got my wish.
The first time I met my husband
he was wearing board shorts, a hoodie & flip-flops.
I fell, and I fell HARD. ;)
The second time I met him he was wearing a bright yellow t-shirt
and a rad (yeah, I said it) shell bracelet.
Could I fall harder? Oh yes I did.
To this day he still dresses in PacSun gear and I love it.
And the man is not afraid of color.
I am so in love with this look {and my man}
that I even dress our boys like him whenever possible.
Jaymin has an array of Quiksilver & Billabong t-shirts & hoodies
that I pick up whenever I see them and the price is right.
(Which is not very often! These brands are hard to find in toddler sizes!!)
I came across this awesome shop on etsy
and was totally inspired by it.
So when the super hip mama, emily,
asked me to donate to her incredible share the love giveaway
I knew what I wanted to do.

Like what you see?
Want this delish set to be yours?
Plus, lots of other amazing baby boy goodies??
Go to emily's blog
and bid on it now while donating to her incredible cause.
Bringing her baby girl home from Africa.
It doesn't get more rad than that.

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