Birthday Blues

June 24, 2010

I love boys.
I really do.
I love being a mom to two little ones.
It somehow just fits me
(maybe the 4 brothers have something to do with it...).
Even though I tend to be as girlie as one can be...
(I love makeup, I love shopping, I love pedicures,
and I love love LOVE Starbucks -
tall white chocolate peppermint mocha, decaf, no whip.
Now, come on,
you so can not be a man and order that drink - my husband told me so. ;) )
I love my wild and crazy,
full of energy, crime-fighting,
NO DRAMA or princess-attitude,
I am so tired of BOY birthday parties. :(
My {party-planning-obsessed} mind overflows daily
with super fun girl party ideas.
I mean, come on, there are just WAY more
cute girl clothes
cute girl parties
cute girl presents.
But, its that time of year again,
when Jaymin's birthday is approaching faster than I care to believe
and I'm wracking my brain for cute BOY ideas.
His first birthday wasn't too bad - circus/carnival theme, colorful, fun.
His second birthday - elmo
(what else are ya gonna get from a 2-year-old? Their lives revolve around Sesame Street).
His third birthday, a little bit of a stretch - dinosaurs, still fun & fairly cute.
This year?

The kid wants a BASS PRO birthday party.
So, that's what the big boy {almost} 4-year-old wants,
and believe me, his mama will deliver!
I am DETERMINED to make this a cute birthday party!
Why, you ask?
Is it because your son is so concerned with details,
decorations and everything coordinating beautifully?
It's because his mother is anal, obsessive, and gets ridiculously excited to plan parties.
So bear with me these next few weeks,
while I neglect my blog
to search the internet into the wee hours of the morning.

made in Taiwan

June 7, 2010

My first "special order"!
My friend Allyson
has a cousin who is a missionary in Taiwan
and about to have her first baby.
So she wanted to give her a onesie that said "made in Taiwan",
because, well, ahem, the baby was you know, there. ;)
Cute, right?

I made some matching burp cloths
and was thrilled when I found that awesome asian inspired floral print.

And you remember this post.
This sweet little guy is not only wearing the onesie I made
but he is home, safe, healthy and happy. :)

So sweet.
{God is so good.}

(photos courtesy of blink photography)

Day 5

June 2, 2010

Day 5, check.
I did it.
All 5 days, challenge completed.
{Just a little late posting that's all. :) }

I was inspired by this friend's picture
of a place she goes most a thought we should have one too...
So these were taken at my parents' house,
a place we visit sometimes daily.
My kids really hate it there... ;)

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