PB Inspired

March 19, 2010

Here is Jaymin's "PB" / "surfer" inspired bedroom
I mentioned in this post.
First off, a lovely before picture
{which I am terrible at remembering to take,
hence the outlet covers already removed. :)
Hey you're just lucky I hadn't started painting yet.}
Of course Jaymin had to be a part of every step of the process.
In this pic, he's catalog shopping I believe.
Ok, here it is {pretty much} completed...

And, in case you're wondering,
no {Mr. Officer} these signs are absolutely NOT stolen
from Lawrence, Kansas
while my husband was a student at KU.
We would NEVER subject our little boy
to the fruits of criminal activity.
I know they look VERY authentic,
with their screw holes and beat up edges,
but I opted for the high road
and spent a small fortune buying them from Pottery Barn. ;)

And of course, you remember "the quilt" from my last post...

This is a table I bought from a garage sale.
I really fell in love with its clean lines and thought it had a lot of potential.
I just painted it a simple navy blue.
I loooove this board!
My mom & stepdad made it for Jay for Christmas.
It used to be an old window.
They sanded and painted it and then mounted galvanized steel behind it
so it could be used as a magnetic board.
It even has the original hardware. So cute!

I bought this mirror in college from Hobby Lobby
for a house I lived in with my girlfriends.
It was originally dark stained wood
but I decided to give it a makeover for Jay's room
and hang it at his height.
So yeah, you know these storage systems
are not cheap from Target,
they only come in black, white or natural wood color,
and they're usually poorly constructed.
So I had my stepdad build these
according to the dimensions of the green boxes
and then I painted them navy.
Super simple!
The last thing I'm working on for his room is a skateboard shelf
that I saw {where else?} in PB Teen.
I bought a skateboard off Craigslist for a $1
{seriously, why bother 14-year-old boy?}
and sanded it down and am painting it red.
Only problem is, I can't find these super cool brackets anywhere.
So if you see them somewhere let me know!
That's it! Hope you enjoyed the "tour"!!
I leave you with this beautiful
photographic work from my 3-year-old son.
He's quite the photographer these days
{I just never know the surprises I'll find on my camera phone...}.
I love his eye for detail, drama and content in a photograph.
And he has such a unique point of view...
that could possibly have something to do with his stature...
Happy Friday! :)

Its finished...

March 9, 2010

...that's right my friends,
believe it or not, I have actually completed my very first quilt.
When me moved into this home
{in August, but who's keeping track?}
I wanted Jaymin's room to resemble the glorious pages of
Pottery Barn Kids,
but we are far from capable of affording
their {ridiculously-priced} items
{despite how much I covet them}.
So I set out on a mission to not only create a
Pottery Barn-esque room for my son,
but also to attempt to make a quilt for his bed similar to the ones they sell.
I searched far and wide for the perfect surfer-inspired fabrics,
designed the size and layout
{on autocad, yes, again, "nerd-alert"!!},
cut the squares, stitched them, quilted the 3 layers,
and made and sewed my very own binding,
complete with hand stitches.
And to think, it only took me 6 months!
Granted, during those 6 months
I did move, paint and decorate my entire house,
run out of quilting money, get hugely pregnant,
celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas,
and oh yeah, had a baby, but I'm not one for excuses.
{Did I mention this is a QUEEN-SIZED quilt?}
So, I'm actually quite thrilled with this accomplishment,
not so much because I think it turned out amazing
{believe me, it is far from perfect,
but I kind of like that about it...}
but because this huge stinkin' burden is lifted of my shoulders!!
{Yes, I have a hard time leaving things UNfinished,
so even my craft projects tend to become burdens.
Especially now that I have mere seconds a week to devote to my beloved craft-time.}
This is also a bit of a "sneak-peak" for Jay's room.
It's pretty much done and ready to be posted!
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