What's your Christmas style?

December 5, 2010

Mine is vintage {of course}
with a touch of glamor {I heart glitter at Christmas time}
& homemade...ness.
My living room turns into a pale blue, silver & gold explosion at Christmas.
But this year I'm decorating with a more simplistic approach,
{which could also be interpreted as laziness -
our December is out-of-control busy}
and just doing small touches here and there.

I've been struggling the past few years with what to put on my front door
and then last year this long time friend posted this beautiful wreath
and tutorial on her blog and I knew
that's exactly what I wanted for my front door,
in my own Christmas colors of course.

It wasn't nearly as simple as I thought it was going to be
and then it turned out to be too thick to fit between our two front doors.
This year Judy helped her daughter make a peace sign wreath
{adorable} and posted that how to as well.
I ended up using that tutorial instead and it worked much better.
Thanks Judy! :)

Oh yeah! I also stuck some in ornaments that I covered in blue yarn.
An idea I took from some really adorable Christmas decorations
in my kitchen that my mom stole from Starbucks.
{Ok, so she bought them,
but it felt like we were getting away with something!! :) }

I love how it turned out and think it totally fits my style.
{And something about it even seems a little retro to me... :) }

Merry Christmas!!


Judy @ In His Grip said...

The yarn balls are a great addition. I have seen this out in blogdom and I love the soft blue that you have choosen. Then walking through Price Chopper earlier today they had Christmas balls mixed with yarn balls on the meat case. Who knew Price Chopper could be so hip?

Rene' said...

Very Pretty! I like the colors you chose. I'm pretty traditional in style so I just bought a plain old wreath from homedepot with a red bow on it :). Maybe next year I should try your idea!

Jami Nato said...

soooooooo cute!

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