A very big secret.

January 3, 2011

About a year ago when my husband was turning 29
I decided that for his 30th birthday
I would throw him a big surprise party.
Well...mission completed. :)
I have to say,
coming up with an adult male party theme
is HARD.
And I pretty much HAVE to have some kind of theme to work with
otherwise I just can't pull any details together.
So I finally came up with a whimsical
red, black & white theme.
My husband has a very big sweet tooth
so I decided to have a dessert bar instead of a cake.
Only problem was I forgot to put out the cello bags
so no one took any home
(also supposed to be the "favors")
which means we had LOTS of candy & sweets left over.

Here's the big "surprise".
I told everyone to stand at least 10 ft back
cause when my husband gets startled he starts swingin'.
No joke.
He almost knocked his dad out one time when
his dad surprised him in a dark hallway. :)

See Jaymin hiding under the table? Not really sure what that's about...

One of the highlights of the evening
was the fact that Jeff's parents flew in for the party.
He was just as surprised to see them as he was when he walked in. :)
Now THAT was a hard secret to keep for so long! :)

I made the banner for the drinks table out of playing cards.
Super easy.
Just punched holes in the top, strung a ribbon through,
and glued letters on the backside.
The other highlight of the evening
was when Jeff's college roommate showed up.
Yes he IS a hick, however,
he went a little overboard for the party to give Jeff an extra "treat". :)

Some of my favorite girls.

This post is long overdue
but I definitely wanted to share the details of my hubby's special night.
I still can't believe I'm married to such an old man. ;)
Good thing I think salt & pepper hair is sexy. :)


Anonymous said...

FAB.U.LOUS! You are so much fun! Oh, and don't think of them as leftovers ... tell Jeff they're just extra presents for HIM!!

peggy b.

Jami Nato said...

such a fun party. although, not loving my muffin top at all in that pic. whatev. i'm eating a choco chip cookie as i write this... LOL

Anonymous said...

How did you make the signs for all the desserts? Stamp? Computer font? That really makes the presentation!

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