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December 22, 2010

Last year, at this time, I was very...very pregnant.
{Jettison was born 3 days after Christmas.}
And there was just something so very magical about carry a child,
a baby boy no less,
during this very special time of year.
I somehow felt connected with Mary in a way.
{In a non-immaculate-conception kind of way of course... }

You know she was probably only 15?
Do you know what was done to women
during that time
for getting pregnant outside of wedlock?
Can you imagine traveling,
10 months pregnant,
on a donkey,
for 3 days?
Can you imagine giving birth,
for the first time,
in a dirty cave or barn?
Can you imagine her fear?
Can you imagine being chosen
to carry and bear our Lord and Savior?
What a burden.
What a gift.

My favorite song this time of year is
Breath of Heaven
and it says:

"I have traveled many moonless nights
cold and weary
with a babe inside
and I wonder what I've done
Holy Father
you have come and chosen me now
to carry your Son

I am waiting in a silent prayer
I am frightened
by the load I bear
In a world as cold as stone
must I walk this path alone
Be with me now

Do you wonder
As you watch my face
if a wiser one, should of had my place
But I offer all I am
for the mercy of your plan
Help me be strong"

If only we all could be so trusting and willing to live out
God's plan...whatever that may mean for our life and our safety.
Most of you readers are mothers.
We know what it means to love a brand new, tiny miracle
with every fiber of our being.
And would lay down our lives
in a heartbeat
for that child.
Can you imagine that child being Christ?
And knowing, that He was going to die for you.

Another one of my favorite songs I listen to this time of year is
Mary, Did You Know:

"Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy would one day walk on water?
Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy would save our sons and daughters?
Did you know
that your Baby Boy has come to make you new?
And this Child that you delivered will soon deliver you.

Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy will give sight to a blind man?
Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy will calm a storm with His hand?
Did you know
that your Baby Boy has walked where angels trod?
And when you kiss your little Baby
you have kissed the face of God?

The blind will see.
The deaf will hear.
The dead will live again.
The lame will leap.
The dumb will speak
The praises of The Lamb.

Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy is Lord of all creation?
Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy would one day rule the nations?
Did you know
that your Baby Boy is heaven's perfect Lamb?
And the sleeping Child you're holding
is the Great, I Am. "


I gave birth a year ago to a baby boy.
Just a regular, healthy baby boy.
No halo or choir of angels singing.
But I know that I have a very important job too.
To teach my boys the incredible story of the Baby Jesus.
And what that Baby did when He got older.

{merry christmas}


Jami Nato said...

yes and amen.

Felicia Yoakam said...
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