happy camper

November 3, 2010

This phrase isn't entirely true when it comes to my youngest.

Yes, he is super outgoing, flirty, and coy with strangers.
Yes, he does have a crazy sense of humor and
the best little giggle I've ever heard.
Yes, he does have to-die-for big blue eyes and the
goofiest crinkle-nose grin you've ever seen.
(not pictured here)
He can be a hard baby.

The boy wants things HIS way.
And you better deliver on his schedule as well.

But I couldn't resist this shirt...
I mean, maybe it will help him subconsciously or something.
"My shirt says 'happy camper' so maybe I actually am, hmm..."

Want one?
They're now in my shop. :)


Jami Nato said...

this shirt is tooooooooooo cute

amy said...

love the shirt!!! you guys make CUTE babies! :) and thanks for the advice on having more babies. i think i will! i would love to have a litter of my own!

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