Fall & Friends

November 17, 2010

Last fall,
after settling into our new townhouse,
I thought it would be fun to have a few friends over.
It really just ended up being an excellent excuse to
drink good wine, eat good food, & enjoy good conversation
without constantly being interrupted by chillin's.
This fall, those same friends encouraged me to have another party...
And after the hilarious conversations we had that night,
it ended up being an excellent decision.
{my poor dear friend who is about to have her first baby...I am so sorry. ;)}
So it looks like we've started a little tradition.

Here are the invitations from this year...

I used this same concept from my friend Jami's
flower pillow craft
to make paper flowers for the invites.
And then I embroidered some vines for a homemade organic feel.
{I love these even more cause I had everything on hand to make them!}

Some of my fall decor...

As you can see from last year
I finally filled my jars with those pine cones & acorns. :)

I also added this little guy to the mix this year
and love what he adds to my decor. :)

These were the favors this year.
{cause a party HAS to have favors! :) }
Last year I handed out tiny little jars of my mom's amazing
homemade pepper jelly.
This year her and I baked miniature loaves of bread
in vintage {for real vintage emily ;) } bread pans from her mother.

So fun!

Thank you friends for an awesome night! :)
{safe & warm, with no boats, rain, or lighting ;) }


emily said...

lol. :)

Jami Nato said...

saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad that i missed that party. boo.

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