Every once in a while...

November 10, 2010

...the lovesick college boy I used to date comes out in my husband.

And I love it. ;)
My hubby was out of town last week
as you can see by the following photo:

He got to go deep-sea fishing,
something he's been wanting to do for awhile now,
and caught 2 sharks!
How sweet is that??

We spent the vast majority of our dating relationship apart
so when we're apart now it reminds me of those times
we spent pining for one another... ;)
So even though I missed him
I think being apart a little bit is good for your relationship.
It makes you remember how much you love and depend on that person.

On another note...
Emma from "It's All About the Fabric"
featured this Sunkissed Cotton shirt on her blog!!
It made my day.
So I thought I'd share. ;)

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