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September 22, 2010

A couple of months ago we finally
finished our basement
and I swear I didn't leave it for a week. :)

We live in a townhouse
and we rent
so we have lots of {crappy} rules.
The biggest one,
is we are not allowed to actually
"finish" our basement.
Meaning no new walls, sheetrock, etc.
But we needed a separation from our storage/laundry space
and our living space.
Solution: {removable} shelves!
Yay for extra storage too!! :)
(My dad's FABULOUS idea so, naturally, he was hired to make it a reality.)
So here's a quick{-ish} rundown of what we did to the space:

1) painted the walls from suicide dark blue to a nice neutral off-white color
(My husband did this like the day we moved in
cause he couldn't stand how dark & depressing it was.
I totally agreed about the color but had a little different
reaction to the basement:
flashbacks of the movie "Saw" - yeah, never see that movie
and never paint your basement DARK blue.
Also, we had a HUGE bucket of this off-white color
cause we mixed a whole bunch of random
neutral colored paints together from our old place,
so we didn't waste and we didn't spend money - a win/win people. ;) )

2) my brother came over and painted the exposed ceiling
an awesome warm gray
(like my favorite color right now...other than that blue color I mentioned...)
and installed 2 outlets
(since there was ONE in our gigantic basement, seriously)

3) my dad built and installed 3 4ft wide shelves that go to the ceiling,
creating a separation from the storage space,
that I painted the same color as the walls
(and yes, we STILL have more of that paint...)

4) my dad installed a "neutral"
(yeah, I really don't know what color it cheap a color?)
colored carpet
(and yeah, he's pretty much awesome)

I stuck to a very neutral color palette
(how many times can I say "neutral" in this post?)
cause I wanted the play area and craft area to have pops of color
and anytime you use bold or dark colors
it makes a space seem even smaller and darker
(not good for an already small and dark basement).

Jeez. Tired of me talking?
Ready to see actual pictures??

- Warning -
This craft/play space IS in our basement
(ie. terrible lighting)
so the pictures are next to horrendous.

The first half of the room
(right when you come down the stairs)
is for the kiddos to play.
Its a big open area with bins of toys
and a train table against one wall.
That area of unfinished wood to the right
is part of the stairwell that has yet to be completed.

The second half of the room is alllllll mine...
(and a little bit of Jeff's. Who by the way
completely dragged his feet
helping me with this project
until he started to see how nicely it was coming together.
All of a sudden he was talking
flat screen tvs, couchs,
and using words like "man-cave".
I don't think so buddy.)
It has our computer desk
(which I sort of use as a divider for the room.
And its facing the play area so I can look over my computer screen
as I blog and yell at my children.
Oh, and toys are not allowed to cross over into "mommy's side".),
my craft table & supplies,
and my sewing table & supplies.

I finally threw away the broken rolling chair
I bought for COLLEGE from KMART and replaced it
with this chair I found at Target for $10
and I love it!

Craft stores sell these little lamp shades
that are sticky so you can cover them with paper or fabric
and decorate them however you want.
I hemmed the edges of my fabric to give it a finished look.

Here's the curtain I made to close off the storage area.
(The picture makes the fabric look gross but I promise its cute. ;) )

After seeing my friend's post
on these adorable silhoutte pictures
I had to do one of my own and I love how it turned out.
I also made the frame using the same technique from this post.


That completes my tour.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy this space!
Which is a lot. ;)


Judy @ In His Grip said...

Very nice, Chelsea. You did good and all for so cheap. I love it when I can do that, cheap I mean! I really like the fabric stacked in colors. I understand why you don't want to leave such a creative space.

emily said...

chelsea, it looks so great! way to go, hatfields (and fulks) :)

Jami Nato said...

group effort!! it looks awesome...props to you my friend. and i love that lampshade. if you notice it missing...

Chelsea said...

Super cute! I love seeing other people's "faux" finished basements! It makes me so excited to tackle ours. The bookshelves were a great idea, love that!

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