the best of summer

September 13, 2010

I'm officially saying goodbye to summer.
Something that is very hard for me to do every year. :)
I realize we're halfway through September
but there was no way I was going to write this post
until after I got home from Florida. :)
But now I know its time.
And I'm actually ready for the change in seasons.
One of the few things we get to enjoy here in Kansas. ;)
So here are my favorite photos from the
glorious summer months . . .

daddy & jett, chillin' in the poolswingin' at the park on a summer eveningplaying "spies" until its dark outside :)
jett holding his breath. . . well, kind of. . .
{check out mama's boobage - ha! - I only have it when
I'm nursing so yeah, pictures like this make me happy}This is my adorable nephew, I had to throw this one in
cause all my brother's kids are half mermaid and
practically breathe underwater from birth yum jett's first trip to the poolroyals game with jay4th of july, love it.jaymin toting his 17-year-old aunt around,
well, trying to anyway ;)first trip to peach wave with friends :)
racing jaymin in grandma & grandpa's backyard
on a summer evening
chillin' at the lake with good friends. . .
wait a minute, this is from LAST summer!
alright, so I just like this picture. :)
and its fun to see where
my sweet little Jettison was a year ago. :)

Happy September Monday friends. :)

1 comment:

Jami Nato said...

oh my word, how were you so skinny and that prego. redonk!

and your boobs are rockin'. LOL.

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