1st day of preschool

September 15, 2010

This was a big deal for me people.
My little man is going to school.
I realize its only preschool and its only 2 days a week but still.
Big deal.
Am I even old enough to have a child in school??
(the answer is yes)
So, we had to start the year off right
and take him to breakfast on his first day.
And where better than the glorious red & white clad Chick-fil-a.
Chicken minis - the breakfast of champions!
(or in this case, preschoolers)

We never did this growing up
but my husband's family did and I think its a great tradition
and one I plan on carrying on every year. :)

Like his jorts? :)
I made those the night before his first day.
I was laying out his outfit for the next morning
(cause 1st impressions are a big deal, hello!)
and needed some jean shorts.
I grabbed a pair of too short jeans and cut them
right above the knee holes that were just starting to form.
Now, here's a little jean hemming secret I learned from a
Nordstrom employee...
Cut off the bottom of the jeans
(you know that hard denim trim piece that just
canNOT be replicated at home?)
and re-sew it to the new desired length!
Amazing! :)
Cause who likes that "home-sewn hemmed" look on jeans??
Seriously, if you need jeans hemmed, take them to Nordstrom.
Not to me cause these shorts are so not perfect
- don't look too close -
but hey they work, and not totally wt right?
Maybe just like 75% or so...

This is not what it looks like people...
He just wanted to show me his backpack. ;)

1 comment:

amy said...

i love that tradition almost as much as i love chicken minis. i learned the same thing from nordstroms about hemming, but i do not know how to sew! maybe when i move back, you could give me a few lessons? ;) but seriously, i really want to learn.

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