It's official!

August 10, 2010

I'm on etsy.
I get a little nervous typing that.
Why, you ask?
What if no one buys my stuff?
What if no one LIKES my stuff?
What if too many people like my stuff and I can't keep up??
Ha. Keep dreamin' Chels. :)
Go check out my shop.
I'll wait.
See over there, to the right, down a little, yep, right there.
Those are cute little previews
and clicking on them will take you right to my "official" shop.
Go ahead, take a peak.
Hi! Welcome back.
So now that you've visited my shop
I'm sure you're back to tell me
that there are only 4 items in it. :)
Yes, I know.
I'm working on it.
Bare with me, k?
And in the mean time, why not do a giveaway???
YAY for giveaways!! :)
Wow, this is the first giveaway I've done on my blog.
I've participated in this one but this is a first for my blog! Cool. :)
Since I'm in a good mood today
(mostly because I'm dodging all my obligations
and playing on my blog instead...)
I'm going to give away a full,
you heard me,
FULL baby gift set!!
That includes 3 adorable burp cloths,
1 matching hand-painted onesie
& 1 matching paci clip.
Cool, right?
That will save you a dreaded trip to Target
with your screaming children
before the 7th baby shower you're attending this month.
Leave me a comment and tell me which item you liked most from my shop OR if there is something you would like to see in my shop! :)
I will pick a winner next Monday.
(Sorry, not a lot of traffic on this blog
so I gotta give people time to see this post ;) )
Thanks for celebrating with me!!


emily said...

so excited for you :) your stuff will sell like hot cakes.

and, i love everything in your shop...all 4 items.


Allyson C. said...

hooraaaay! its official!! my favorite is the "ahoy" set that I already own!! =) although, if there were a "coffee lovers" set, that might take first place. =)

can't wait to see what you create!!

Felicia Yoakam said...

This is fabulous Chelsea! I have lots of friends that I will share this with!!
Felicia (Planco) Yoakam

natasha said...

Congrats on your Etsy shop! I think it is all cute stuff but my favorite is the cupcake set. I think it so cute. I am planning a cupcake themed 1st birthday party for Isabelle in a couple months! :)

Can't sew a button said...

You should be so proud! Everything looks great.

I like all the sets- but the cupcake set is pretty cute!

Christine said...

1st off congrats and much success!
2nd off I love all your current items, however my 1st pick currently (with a particular baby shower in mind) is the cupcake set.

Jami Nato said...

oh my word, i'm so excited you're doing this. everything is adorable of course, but i LOVE the burp clothes and binky clips.

Amanda said...

so darling! i LOVE love LOVE the painted onsies...SO unique and something different! i love the cupcake and elephant. The pacie clips are awesome too...everything will totally sell, no worries!! good luck

amy said...

so. cute. i will definitely have to purchase some things soon!

Anonymous said...

Love it, Chels! Looks great and my favorite....the twin set, of course :) I'll be passing this on, for sure! Love ya, Kayla

Lindsey said...

Chelsea, this is Lindsey Becker and I stumbled across your blog when I was on Amy Helm's site:) I love, love, love the adorable starbucks onesie set you made from a couple of posts back. If I don't win the giveaway, I will certainly buy it from your etsy shop:)Best of luck, you have impeccable taste!

kristin fulghum said...

so cute! i love all of it!

Meagan said...

It's all so cute, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the pink and green set.

Mrs. Legris said...

All very cute stuff! I love the sailboat set!!

SaraBethJ said...

Love the elephant set. I am so glad you have an Etsy shop up and running! Your stuff is so cute!

KayJackson said...

Chelsea, Congratulations on your shop. I like your new design(just getting settled in after our wedding&honeymoon so I had 10 posts of yours to catch up on!) and I have to say that the cupcake set is my favorite.

Fawn said...

That is my shower gift from now on.:) Even if you weren't my daughter I would think you are amazingly gifted and creative. Well, I guess I have known that for years! I am proud of you Chels. Hope success rains on you!

Faith said...

Love the cupcake set, but it's all adorable. Good luck on your new venture.

Jessica T. said...

These are so great! I think the Twin set is my favorite! I am a big fan of palm trees, surf boards and monkeys, all of which would be popular here in California! Charlie says he likes the Twin set too.

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