5 years

August 27, 2010

5 years ago today we did this.


I'm not going to list the
many highs & lows of those 5 years.
{And there were very many.
Probably TOO many for only being married 5 years.}
All I will say is
God is good.
And He continues to refine us as individuals
and as a couple
every day.

I would, however,
like to list 3 things my husband and I enjoy doing together.
He complained early on in our marriage that
"we don't like doing any of the same things".
So in the past 5 years
this is what we have discovered:

We both love to scuba dive
(pretty much the coolest hobby ever)
We both love stand-up comedy
(& have seen Jim Gaffigan, Josh Blue, & Brian Regan perform, just to name a few)
We both love to read
(& usually fight like brother & sister over who gets to read the new book first)
In honor of our 5 years
{ok, so it was basically just a really good excuse ;) }
I got this...

I loooved this necklace
from the vintage pearl
but wanted something I could add to over the years
{as we continue to have babies}
for my mama necklace.
So once I got my mama necklace for my birthday
I decided I wanted this one just for Jeff & I.
We both come from divorced homes
and not only see divorce as a massive epidemic
but also a cycle that needs to be stopped.
Right here.
Right now.
So if we can stay together,
we'll break the cycle,
we'll build an incredible foundation for our family,
and we'll start a NEW legacy for the Hatfield & Fulk families.

Jeff & Chelsea Hatfield
est. 8.27.05

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.
I love you.

1 comment:

Jami Nato said...

happy anniversary!

and i did not know jeff liked to read. very cool.

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